Spinach minced pork— Chinese food nutritious healthy recipes

Spinach minced pork

Spinach minced pork


400g spinach

300g minced pork



spring onions

tbsp potato starch

tbsp oyster sauce

tbsp light soy sauce

tbsp five spice





Wash the spinach, blanch in hot water for a moment. Remove and then tighten
them to obtain a spinach ball.

Chop the spring onions. Beat the egg in a frying pan, fry the fried egg and cut
into pieces. In a bowl: add 2 tbsp potato starch  of land and 100 ml of water. Mix to obtain the
liquid starch.

Heat the sunflower oil in the pan, add chopped pork and sauté until it is
white. Add the spring onions, eggs, 2 tbsp oyster sauce, 4 tbsp light soy sauce
and 1 tbsp five spice. Fried the mixture for 30 seconds.

Finally pour the liquid starch and tie everything. Cook over low heat for 30
seconds. Then put on a plate. Add the spinach ball over. Enjoy this 
spinach minced pork.

Chinese food spinach for your natural health and cures:

1. Promote the function of intesteins facilitate defecation, prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids: spinach contains a lot of crude fiber, which help to promote intestinal peristalsis, facilitate defecation, promote secretion of the pancreas and to promote digestion. The consumption of spinach can help treat hemorrhoids, chronic pancreatitis, constipation and anal fissure, etc.

2. Promote the growth and development of people, strengthening the body resistance: the carotene in spinach turns into vitamin A in the human body, which can maintain normal vision and shape of epithelial cells, increase the capacity of prevention of infectious diseases, and promote the growth and development of children.

3. Ensure nutrition and better health: spinach is rich in carotene, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, and a certain amount of iron, vitamin E and other beneficial ingredients that can provide the body with a variety of nutrients. The iron in spinach can help treat iron deficiency anemia.

4. Promote the body metabolism: the trace elements in spinach can promote the body metabolism and improve health. Eating a large amount of spinach can reduce the risk of suffering from apoplexy.

5. Clean the skin, promote anti-aging: spinach extract promotes the development of cell proliferation, which prevents aging and both strengthens the effect. Between the peoples of China, it smashes spinach and gets the juice to wash your face, washing several times a week, and continuously for a period of time, we can clean the pores of the skin, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation spots and keep polished and immaculate skin.

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