Sony SRS-XB13, a small, resistant, powerful and enduring speaker for going on vacation


Do you find that the sound of your smartphone is not powerful enough, or not good enough, for your friends to enjoy during the summer holidays? Sony has thought of you and offers a small Bluetooth speaker at a very attractive price: 50 euros. This cylindrical model is compact (7.6 cm in diameter and 9.5 cm in height) and weighs only 253 g. In addition, the manufacturer announces a comfortable autonomy of 16 hours and a powerful sound. This is what we are going to check.

With its rubber-covered body and IP67 certification, the SRS-XB13 is not afraid of shocks or water. So you can easily take it on a hike or use it by the pool. In addition, Sony has provided a strap with a well-designed opening system that allows it to be easily attached, for example to your backpack.

Bluetooth pairing is easy if you have a smartphone with Android 6.0, or higher, thanks to Google’s Fast Pair technology. Now let’s go to listening. The sound – mono – is emitted upwards by the single loudspeaker, but also downwards by a passive radiator system. It turns out to be powerful and heavily loaded with bass, as our frequency response curve shows.

RnB or rap fans will be in heaven to listen to the latest Beyoncé or the new Cardi B, with a 360-degree broadcast, but classical or jazz fans will find the sound too unbalanced.
Thus, in a piece of jazz-rock, the drum hits become too present. The imbalance is accentuated if the volume is increased. It is therefore advisable to stay close to the speaker and set a normal sound level to obtain a slightly better balanced sound. Do not hesitate to place it in height to benefit from the advantages of the passive radiator.

The enclosure lasts 17 hours without running out of steam

Endurance side, the SRS-XB13 keeps its promises with a measured autonomy of 17 hours for a sufficient noise level in a small room. The speaker is recharged using the supplied USB cable and the USB-C connector is protected from water in the event of immersion thanks to a removable cover, which remains attached so as not to lose it.


Well-designed controls

Sony did it right for the control buttons, which are easily accessible at the bottom of the speaker. You can control music playback (pause, previous or next track), as well as volume, but also take a phone call. With its built-in microphone, the SRS-XB13 offers very good sound quality both in transmission and reception.


Also to discover in video:

Finally, the Bluetooth button allows, with a prolonged pressure, to easily associate two speakers to create a completely wireless stereo system, for only a hundred euros.

The verdict of the Review

Sony SRS-XB13

If the bass doesn’t put you off, the Sony SRS-XB13 offers great value for money and is handy for going on a ride. We appreciated its robust design, excellent battery life and above all, its low price. Its system of rapid association of two units in a stereo system is a significant advantage to enjoy, for example, the famous Money by Pink Floyd. A function normally reserved for much more expensive models.


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