the Smart Plush for Baby’s Sleep

SNOObear the Smart Plush for Baby’s Sleep

Happiest Baby has just announced the release in France of its SNOObear baby innovation. A smart plush toy designed to help a baby fall asleep smoother and easier.

For parents, a baby’s sleep is important. When the newborn is finally sleeping, calm returns to the house. However, it is often difficult for the latter to quickly find sleep when lying in his cradle. The American company Happiest Baby has therefore designed SNOObear, a smart plush partly reproducing uterine life. giving a feeling of reassuring comfort making it easier to fall asleep, but also the duration of baby’s sleep.

SNOObear reproduces the uterine environment

For a baby, his mother’s womb was the most calm and reassuring environment he had known. Birth and the multiple stimuli of the environment are stressful for him. This results in difficulty in getting to sleep, but also a shorter nighttime duration. By partially reproducing the uterine environment, SNOObear Will Really Help Baby Sleep Better, Faster, and Longer. A real relief for parents and a more enjoyable baby life.

Reproduction of sounds and movements of the uterus

As pediatricians explain, when a baby is in its mother’s womb, he hears sounds like, for example, that of the blood circulation, similar to the noise made by a vacuum cleaner. It is these white noises that the intelligent SNOObear plush will reproduce with the baby. Listening to these noises is reassuring and calming for a newborn baby. The plush will reproduce 6 soothing sounds.

SNOObear smart plush

SNOObear gives very interesting results

According to the tests carried out by Happiest Baby, SNOObear is said to help 80% of babies fall to sleep in just 5 minutes. White noise is emitted for a period of 30 to 60 minutes. Pass this time, the smart plush will stay on standby for 3 hours, and if baby cries within this time, the plush will again make the sounds so soothing to the infant. An essential device therefore in a baby’s room just like a video baby monitoring. Note that you can choose between 3 sound levels. The plush can be attached to a stroller as well as a car seat or baby’s bed. SNOObear should be kept out of the reach of children under one year of age.

Available now at a price of 59.95 dollars

Happiest Baby, in its press release, specifies that the smart health connected plush SNOObear is available, now, to order on Amazon website here. Its selling price is 59.95 dollars.


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