Smartphone and tablet market continues to boom

In 2013, 41 percent of Germans used a smartphone, this year it is 58 percent. The situation is similar for tablets: from 22 percent in the previous year, the percentage usage rose to 34 percent this year. The figures come from a current survey commissioned by Bitkom.

Picture: Bitkom

Smartphone sales are forecast to increase from 22.59 million last year to 24.04 million this year, up 6 percent. Sales are expected to climb from 8.17 to 8.67 billion euros (plus 6.1 percent). The increase in sales of flat PCs is expected to be as much as 15 percent, and 9.2 million devices will be sold this year. In 2013 there were almost 8 million. However, according to Bitkom, sales on tablets only increase by 4.6 percent to 2.5 billion euros.

Bitkom does not have any information on sales and sales figures for wearables, but it should be checked whether smartwatches and smartglasses are slowly becoming more popular. At least 40 percent have heard of smart glasses, 54 percent of computer clocks. In both cases, an increase of almost 14 percent over the previous year. 31 percent of the respondents would use a nose bike à la Google Glass, a wrist gadget in the style of a LG G Watch would use 38 percent.

Picture: Bitkom

Source: Bitkom (via)




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