3 truly best innovative connected smart health objects to help you lose weight 2021

Losing weight can sometimes become obsessive. We pay attention to absolutely everything we eat and we even buy slimming products. And if the solution came from new technologies? The connected diet can be an interesting alternative but with caution! Discover our selection about smart lose weight.


Is the connected smart lose weight a good idea?

Opting for connected objects in its quest for smart loss weight is it a good idea? On the subject, the opinions diverge. Basic, successful dieting often proves a challenge. It takes a very important motivation, monitor your diet, play sports … In short for those who do not have a favorable metabolism, it can very quickly turn into a true way of the cross.

According to a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, activity trackers could even have the opposite effect. Thus, after a study conducted with more than 450 people on a diet, participants equipped with a connected object lost almost half the weight during their diet! Two opposite reasons could explain this result. Some took a sense of confidence when seeing the numbers of their physical activity, would eat too much. Others, on the contrary, discouraged from failing to achieve their daily goals could give up. According to the researchers, the most important thing is that a person doing a diet does not think that this one will do everything. It is rather an accompaniment that must be followed by other essential behaviors.

A statement far from being shared in the United Kingdom. Faced with the great problem of childhood obesity, doctors and specialists are increasingly recommending the use of connected bracelets. But here, too, the researchers stress the importance of having a real desire to lose weight. They also consider that the “gamification”, ie the competition of people trying to lose weight represents a significant lever for motivation.

Thin Ice connected vest for weight loss

Thin Ice is a connected vest that will allow you to lose weight by lowering your body temperature and therefore burning the fat you have accumulated.
Thin Ice is therefore a weight loss wearable that works by using cooling thermoreceptors placed along the upper chest and in the back.

Unlike white fat, which stores energy, brown fat cells burn energy to keep your body warm. So, brown fat is activated by the cold and can help the body burn white fat (the bad fat). The idea is that by lowering the body temperature, this vest will help you lose weight.

To create the cooling effect, this connected vest uses a set of batteries that feed Peltier cooling chips integrated into the vest and an exclusive heat dissipation system. The temperature of the jacket is controlled via a dedicated application that is compatible for iOS, Android and Windows. In addition to monitoring body temperature, it also allows you to see the estimated amount of calories burned and will reward you with badges when you reach your health goals.


Created by a team of engineers in California, the WearSens Connected smart Necklace allows you to analyze everything you eat thanks to the vibrations and allows you to reduce the quantities you swallow and thus lose weight by eating what you want!

The WearSens incorporates different piezoelectric sensors that detect the slightest vibration when you eat and thanks to a powerful algorithm, it will tell you if you have eaten a sandwich, meat and if you are drinking. It is based on a recognition of the tremors you perform when you chew or swallow since each food has its own signature.

Then the WearSens necklace vibrates when it feels you have enough food and can also share this state with your friends, a real spy who will denounce to your relatives if you do not stop eating quickly, but nothing do not stop you from going on, you might have had to think of putting electrodes to send you a dump like some dog collars, nice!

Naked Labs, the connected slimming coach

 smart lose weight mirror-Naked Labs, the connected slimming coach smart healthWhen one tries to lose weight, that one feels complexed by the physique, the mirror is often a painful test that one tries to avoid. We will always be too big and we even imagine defects that do not exist. The goal of the connected mirror of Naked Labs is to show the complete truth and no frills. Connected to the Internet and a mobile application, the mirror scans your body and allows you to follow an evolution to obtain the desired body. A calculation is done to determine your health and the goal to reach.

For this, you place yourself on a rotating scale placed on the ground. This determines your weight and creates a rotation in front of the mirror that analyzes the details. The mirror will scan in 3D thanks to Intel Real Sense sensors and a process called Sterevision. Each circumference of the body is sensed to determine the percentage of fat. Then, the information is sent to the mobile application. It will be enough to repeat these actions to compare two scans and see how your body evolves.

And if you want to be able to regularly check your progress and confirm that your connected diet allows you to lose weight, then go here to discover more!


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