Chinese food remedies and Chinese food therapy

Heard of Chinese food remedies?Instead swallow tablets vitamins C or D, why not consider a more pleasant alternative? And yes, fortunately this is possible and what, in the pleasant form of Chinese food therapy.

Ancient wisdom at the service of modern diseases

Chinese food remedies dates back thousands of years and is part of traditional Chinese medicine. The first written about this dietary therapy appear in the Huangdi Nei Jing or Inner Classic of the Yellow Emperor who only dates “that” in the year 300 BC. BC The Huangdi Neijing is the oldest book of traditional Chinese medicine. We can compare in importance with the Hippocratic Corpus of Ancient Greece or with contributions from Galen in European medicine. Enough historical references, go to practice.

Chinese food remedies is philosophy that different types of natural food is beneficial to health, they can cure diseases or act as preventive treatments.  For maximum profits, these foods should be consumed in a balanced way.

This balance is achieved primarily through the identification of “opposing foods” and a judicious combination of these. Ancient philosophy of the two opposing energies, the famous Yin and Yang, is one of the precepts of Chinese food therapy. Yang ingredients like carrots, garlic or ginger stimulate the metabolism. Yin ingredients meanwhile, such as Chinese cabbage, eggplant or tofu have a cooling effect on the body. The balance between these two categories of foods is the key to a diet beneficial for health.

The Chinese medicinal food in China is a long tradition, there are traces of its use before the Han Dynasty (206-220 BC).It continued to develop over the dynasties, nutrition has become a real science. There is no question of a simple combination of food and traditional medicine, but there is talk of an authentic style of cooking that combines medicinal ingredients to the food, while following the Chinese medicinal theory.

This cooking has spread, especially in southeast Asia. Regularly, conventions are held to inform those interested, more and more, this alternative medicine, and promote this new medical science.

There is a wide variety of foods used to be healthy; 600 were identified: cereals, fruit, vegetables, meat and seafood Most of them are relatively unknown outside shunned Asian borders.. However all are important and are involved in medicinal food. Several other ingredients are added to give more flavor to the kitchen, such as wine, sugar, oil, vinegar, honey or almonds, oranges, tangerines, peanuts.

Depending on the purpose, medicinal food comes in 3 categories: health protection &prevention,  therapeutic and healing cooking.

The health protection Chinese foods serve to strengthen the nutritional qualities of food for good organic health and  ensure a good body resistance. A pumpkin soup and almonds can help lose weight, angelica soup and capers to embellish, and ginseng to strengthen;Lotus seeds, lily, yam, chestnuts and pears can prevent drought fall and be vitamins to face the cold of winter.

The therapeutic Chinese foods target specific pathologies. Potato fries with vinegar can reduce hypertension. Meanwhile, the carp soup with Tuckahoe, enriches the blood and reduces edema.

Healing foods are used during recovery from serious diseases. Braised lamb or grilled lamb heart with angelic allow a good recovery.

Smart health way to treat you chronic  with Chinese food therapy

Chinese food therapy for dysmenorrhoea treatment

Chinese food therapy for dysentery treatment

Chinese food therapy for diabetes treatment

Chinese food therapy for nephritis treatment

Chinese food therapy for gastritis treatment

Chinese food therapy for irregular menstruation treatment

Chinese food therapy for anemia treatment

Chinese food therapy for beriberi treatment

Chinese food therapy for strengthen the brain

Chinese food therapy for detoxification treatment

Chinese food therapy for dyspepsia treatment

Chinese food therapy for lose weight treatment

Chinese food therapy for infertility treatment

Chinese food therapy for headache treatment

Chinese food therapy for heatstroke treatment



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