Smart health solution by using TCM

If the smart health technologies can better improve your healthcare,that’s innovation,it stands for “A” in our site;the TCM is also better for your health,that’s tradition,it stands for “B” in our site. We will give you a simple but useful guide about smart health solution by using traditional Chinese Medicine to improve your health states.

In the course of the nineteenth century, thanks to the Jesuits returning from China, Chinese natural remedies appeared timidly in the West. Although it quickly spread around the world, it is however only in 1975 that this science has taken us really developed, both in practice and in the organization of teaching. Nowadays, it is still relatively unknown. She was appointed by some “alternative medicine” by other “soft”, “alternative” or “complementary”, without knowing it very well what these expressions.

Chinese natural remedies is based on a theory of how humans healthy, physiologically, psychologically, anatomical, etc. It also attempts to explain the causes of diseases and biological and psychological mechanisms that are the consequences. Chinese medicine seeks to understand the human being, as well as healthy patient by managing the balance of internal energy called qi.

It is a medicine whose development is generally dated from 1250 BC. AD In the first known Chinese medical treatise (the Huangdi Nei Jing), we find for example the description of five members (appointed Wu Zang) and six entrails (named Liu Fu) with diagrams.

It is essentially marked by three legendary figures, three mythical emperors:

Fuxi: he is credited with writing the I Ching (Book of Changes), generally considered the oldest Chinese book.

Shennong: father of agriculture and herbal medicine. It’s called the “divine farmer”. He is credited with the first Bencao 本草 (Treaty of Medicinal Materials).

Huang Di: the Yellow Emperor, creator of rituals and medicine. He is credited with writing the Nei Jing (Huang Di Nei Jing 黃帝內經 or Classic of the esoteric Tradition of the Yellow Emperor) who cross the centuries.

The oldest fragments of the Nei Jing Su Wen back to ve – iiie centuries BC. AD, and it seems to have been divided into two by the end of this period, under the Qin:

Su Wen (素 問) “Simple Questions” in chapter 9, in the form of discussion between the Emperor Huang Di and his adviser Qi Bo 岐 伯, arguing essentially theory.

the Ling Shu (靈樞) “Spiritual Pivot” into 9 chapters also, practice-oriented.

This site aims to discover (or rediscover) our contemporaries this type of medicine not only rich culturally and scientifically, but also very effective and ethically right. Undeniably, Traditional Chinese Medicine today brings to our company a credible answer as to major health problems.

Enjoy your journey  and feeling better!

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