Leverage digital to create user services


Train health professionals

digital tools are recognized as effective training levers by health professionals.We design e-learning solutions that enhance the attraction and retention of information through practice, simulation, trial-and-error debate.


Educate patients

Primary education, sensitization, therapeutic education …
We design web and mobile platforms that deliver personalized and personalized medical information for each patient, helping to promote good practice and increase adherence to treatment.

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Orientate in care pathways

Our pathways of care and digital health make it possible to treat pathologies with contents that are clear, adapted and accessible to the greatest number. They are composed of medical contents references, reliable and valid scientifically.


Improve adherence

Between the explanations of the products and the good use, the adhesion to the treatments and the observance necessitates a very specific accompaniment. We realize digital tools of daily help for the patients and the health professionals.


To prevent the risks of insurance

We design prevention programs to train the public, the patients, the beneficiaries of insurance and mutuals. These devices make it possible to reduce their risks of health, thanks to valid medical contents and playful devices of commitment.



We participate in the design of digital health services adapted to the issues of patient care and support for healthcare professionals.

From the analysis of health issues, to the development of your web and mobile applications, we imagine, design and realize digital devices to support users of health services.

Between patient support programs, e-coaching, adherence monitoring and virtual care pathways, these applications help to better inform chronic patients to reduce risk factors, improve their care and help them to improve their health. medical practice and facilitating diagnosis and surveillance.

AB Smart Health
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