How to create a smart health brand identity

The image of your visual identity must be glamorous

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How to create a successful Smart health brand identity ?The visual identity is the graphic representation of a practitioner, medical office or health and care facility. It must allow immediate recognition of an entity or an individual.

This visual identity must convey the values ​​of the office or health facility. It must reflect the personality of the doctor, the well-being team, the fitness sector or the medical specialty practiced.

A visual chart a little old-fashioned will give a negative image to the public about your activity.


Defined by a set of rules of strategic communication, it is expressed through typography, iconography, color or style (design).

Its emblematic element is the health logo, a true synthesis of the whole. It can be formalized in a document, the graphic charter.


We propose you to deploy your visual identity on different communication print media. What we call print media in our field are paper communication media.

Print communication media in health
Visit card
Manual instruction

These print media allow you to communicate about the medical activity you perform.

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The choice of health communication materials

The reflection and communication work on the visual identity leads to the creation of the logo, web graphic charter and all paper and digital communication media.

It may be, in fact, declined on all communication media related to the image of the entity whether it is a medical office, a health group, a medical specialist, a hospital service …

Our services

Professional logo creation, creation of personalized web graphic, stationery pack (business cards, letterheads, prescriptions, fact sheets, etc …), creation of medical website.

We accompany you through all stages of creating print media from design to printing. We also pay particular attention to the respect of medical and health communication requirements specific to this sector.

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Ready to improve your image to be glamorous?

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