Hi, I’m BIN WU.I’m the founder of ABSMARTHEALTH.I’m an engineer, entrepreneur & author; I got my  master’s degree in Sciences and digital for health from the University of Montpellier  in France.(Reuters Top 100 The World’s Most Innovative Universities).

Worked in Scientific and Technical Centre for Building (CSTB) in Paris, China Science and Technology Development Institute, SYNERGIES @ VENIR Group in Bordeaux .I was engaged in smart health and smart home research for many years.My main job is to explore, research and discover innovative and traditional health solutions with using digital thinking.

ABSMARTHEALTH means “A Box of Smart Health solutions toolkits”, a step-by-step system outlines 53 building blocks to your balance lifestyle success. The products in the box are carefully selected.The box combine my research findings with other experts in terms of health & money.It contains Three Key Video Packages & One Ebooks Packages which GUARANTEE you will build your body,mind and financial health; Plus four most powerful Techniques in bonus package can speed up your success .

If you have any question or want to work with me or looking for opportunities in China & in France ,click here to write to me.I’m very pleasure to answer your questions.

About ABSMARTHEALTH.COM & Founder via @absmarthealth
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