Tips and advice for buying smart health home products



Once you have read about the basics of smart health home, you naturally want to get started. You look for products that you can place in your smart house, including lighting, audio equipment and maybe even smart household appliances. Before you buy products, we recommend that you read the tips and advice below on the purchase of the various smart products. Our editors have also listed the best products for different product groups. With this smart health home products products buying tips information you can start your smart health home well-informed.

Buying tips

What exactly should you look out for when you start buying smart health health home products? That depends on the type of product. In the articles below we cover the most important categories.

The best smart health health home products

What are the best smart health health home products that you can buy? We put a number of them together for you.

Household smart health health home products

All tips and advice for the use and purchase of household smart health health home appliances, including kitchen machines, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and coffee makers.

Lighting, audio and ehealth

All tips and advice for the use and purchase of smart devices in the field of lighting, audio and ehealth.

Safety and security

All tips and advice on the best smarthome solutions for securing your health home and your family. Think of cameras, sensors and complete alarm systems.

Other tips and advice

There are of course many more parts of your house that you can make smart and therefore many more products that you can buy. We deal with a number of these in the articles below.

More information

Read further on our tips and advice page for even more background articles.


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