A safe house: you can make and keep your smarthome safe


We have valuables at health home: the smarter they are, the more expensive they are. That’s why you have to make your smart health home safe. In this article we provide an overview of products that you can purchase for this purpose. Fortunately, good security does not have to cost extremely much.

You can make and keep your health smarthome safe in different ways. There are of course a number of obvious options. That is why it is important that you also understand what is and what is not allowed, such as using a ehealth doorbell in a door that borders directly on the pavement. You are also advised to inform your neighbors about the fact that there is now a camera somewhere and that it is possible that they will be recorded. Apart from laws and rules you of course also have to deal with decency.

Make your smart health home safe with alarm systems

A good, accessible way to secure your smarthome is to immediately opt for a complete alarm system. This is a package with different components, which you can often easily install yourself. You will find various products in the packages, including cameras, door and window sensors and a loud siren. The advantage of an alarm system is that you immediately get a good base with which you can protect many parts of your house. Usually the options are also expandable.

For example, you can often purchase additional products via the website of the supplier of the system. More cameras, sensors or extra aids in the form of smoke detectors or water sensors. The basic packages are relatively cheap, but the disadvantage is that you cannot compare the packages one to two. The content varies considerably, so you have to consider many more aspects. Moreover, the extra accessories can be more expensive on their own, which makes you wonder if this is such a tight plan in the longer term.

We have tested a number of security systems on Smarthome Magazine. In itself there is often little wrong with those systems, apart from some irritating things. The biggest disadvantage, however, is that they are often stand-alone environments that you cannot implement anywhere else. As a result, there is often no support for popular voice assistants. Of course you can make the same argument for the opposite point: precisely because that integration is not there, it is difficult for malicious parties to break into it.

We have tested various systems including:

Make your smarthome safe with smart cameras

Do you not want to invest immediately in a (shielded) system, but would you prefer to build your own security system step by step? Then you can start with smart security cameras. There is no shortage of such cameras. As a result, you sometimes pay relatively little for very good cameras, but here too it is a good idea to first look at what is and what is not possible. Some cameras support micro-SD cards for local, offline storage, while for other cameras you need a cloud subscription again.

VIRB X XE 1In some cases, both are even possible. You also have to make a choice between the image quality options: do you want to record in 720p, 1080p or 4k? The higher the resolution, the higher the quality of the images and the sharper everything is recorded. In addition, you must keep in mind that you must always have a power outlet at your disposal (this applies to both indoor and outdoor cameras). However, there are also models that work on a rechargeable battery, but at the time of writing there are not very many of them.

Moreover, the cameras do not all work in the same way. For example, you can use the cameras from Google Nest request the image on you Google Nest Hub. That is again not possible with other cameras. Furthermore, it is useful to know that you have to think of a night vision for your camera, since it is not built-in as standard. So think carefully in advance what you want to be able to do and what you want to see. Fortunately, you can compare security cameras better than complete alarm systems.

We have tested various cameras, including:

Make your smarthome safe with smart doorbells

If we then go one step further, we will come to smart doorbells. These doorbells have a camera built in nine out of ten times, so you can always see who is at the door. Handy for when you walk outside, sit on the toilet or when you expect no one. The camera is always facing outwards and can respond to movements, as a result of which you as the owner receive a notification that something is happening in front of the door. So you always have a watchful eye that you should not forget to charge.

We have tested various doorbells including:

Make your smarthome safe with smart locks

A product that you can use nicely in combination with a smart doorbell is the smart lock. This way, someone cannot get in with your key if you lose it – because then you obviously have to have a front door key on your wood. There is still a difference in the type of lock: some only work with Bluetooth, which means that you have to be around to open it. More advanced models work via the internet, so that you can also let people in from a distance if necessary.

Which connected lock to choose?

The advantage of a smart door lock is that you decide who can and cannot enter. Of course you can do the same by handing out keys to people, but there is a risk involved. What if those people lose their keys? Smart door locks support digital keys, via the app, so that the door can only be opened when the key is nearby. And since people are increasingly protecting accounts and smartphones, a digital key is a much safer method than a physical variant.

We have tested various locks tested, including:

Make your smarthome safe with smart lighting

If it looks like you are at health home, then you are also at health home. We think that is a great mantra for thieves who have an eye on your house. You may already be familiar with the fact that smart lights can work on schedules. But did you know that they can make someone look like someone’s health home? Smart lamps, such as the Philips Hue collection, often have a function with which lamps can be switched on and off at random moments – but between set times. For example, people from outside may think that someone is still at health home.


We have tested various lamps tested, including:

Make your smarthome safe with smart sensors

This tip is more suitable for the do-it-yourself among us, people who are often not tied to one system, platform or voice assistant. Or people who can build in all kinds of things themselves or can come up with all kinds of solutions for everyday situations through retro fitting. You can also use sensors in and around the house. Not just for automating things, such as the lamps or shutters. You can also use these sensors as motion detectors in your own security system.

If you have already opted for a smart security system, you may already have a sensor hanging around here and there. He can measure exactly when someone passes by and can, based on the action you set, perform tasks after measuring. You can, for example, set off an alarm or have your lights turn red. Maybe you suddenly want to turn on loud music or let the shutters fall down. You can’t think of it that crazy.

Read more?

We have written a large amount of articles that you can find in our section for smart health home guide and advice, in which we explain different things. There are some articles that we highlight below so that you can quickly find what you are looking for.

In addition, we can imagine that you are concerned about all kinds of digital matters, such as your privacy. The more devices you buy, the more things can go wrong in theory, of course. Here too we have enough to read about.

In addition to our sections for tips and advice, you can always have one take a look at the news for new trends, developments and products. And otherwise we have another large overview of reviews waiting for you.


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