What is smart health?

You may have heard of smart healthcare, connected health, and healthy associations. These are all smart health. So what is smart health? 


Smart health is the use of new technologies to improve the health states of people. These technologies can facilitate access to care and allow their users personalized care in prevention or medical care.

The main functions of connected smart health
Connected health solutions are organized around 5 main functions:

1.Capture an information, via an object (a scale, a blood pressure monitor, a pedometer …)
Automatically transmit captured information

2.Integrate information into a computer system

3.Display information in a way that is understandable to the user

4.Connect, by avoiding distance problems, patients and health professionals

5.Fields covered

The application domains for smart health solutions are vast:

Measurement of vital parameters and their teletransmission to a medical tray
Connecting patients through dedicated social networks
Web Custom Prevention Services
Teleconsultation and remote diagnosis

The interest of these tools is directly related to the way of using them. We believe that connected health is a revolution that will provide each of you with effective, accessible health services tailored to your needs.

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