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In the 21st century, everything is potentially “connectable”. One of the new emerging fields is that of smart health connected objects linked to babies. But what are these objects really worth and are they good for our cherubim? Survey on childcare 2.0 thanks to an interview with Claire Durando, childcare worker.

A booming sector

Many objects were presented at CES 2014, several of which were intended for children. If the educational objects are the big ones absent from the show, objects dedicated to childcare, meanwhile, are more and more present.

We can distinguish between two see three categories of objects:

  • those aimed at following the health babies
  • those dealing with the surveillance infants
  • the other, those which are not attached to the first two categories.

Let us present these objects before asking for an opinion from a professional in the sector.

smart health connected objects and baby health

Mimo baby monitor

> Mimo baby monitoring : this clothing in cotton is equipped with a special location dedicated to the attachment of a smart health smart health connected object. The principle being to clip on the body a device for measure health of the baby. Several functions are possible. The body is first of all equipped with a breathing sensor. The device probes sleep and analyzes body temperature. He also observes the movements and position of the infant. With a built-in microphone, you can listen to baby all day. This smart health smart health connected object is offered at the price of 150 euros about.

kidscale child weighs

> Kidscale : the " weighs child " clever. This scale weighs and measures baby every day. It allows to follow the evolution of its growth curve, and proposes to compare it to that of a “healthy” child (therefore based on a standard). You will be able to follow the evolution of the growth of 4 children at the same time and this until their 8 years approximately, because this smart health connected balance supports up to 25 kilos. Its price is 180 euros about.

smart health connected objects and baby monitoring

Eyeon baby

> EyeOn Baby : the monitoring device with a camera and of speakers. smart health connected to the Wifi network, it captures both the temperature of the room and the noises emitted by the baby. These speakers allow you to talk to him (or sing him a lullaby). With a micro SD card you can "review" or "listen again" baby. This product is available from 130 euros.

Tedi connected > Tedi : same principle of camera and temperature control … all integrated in a plush. A smart health connected plush for baby. Moneual SW baby monitor

> Moneual SW baby monitoring : the device for the hearing impaired or suffer from deafness. This system is made up of two objects: an ovoid is placed in the crib and it transmits the information on a bracelet smart health connected remotely to warn a person that the baby is crying.

Other smart health connected objects for babies

connected origami stroller

> Origami : the smart health connected stroller. Offered at a price of 630 euros approximately (which is not excessive compared to the price of a more “standard” stroller) this stroller will make your life easier. No more time wasted folding the baby carriage, this smart health connected stroller will close and open automatically. You can charge your laptop while walking, just as the stroller will charge automatically during the walk. Equipped with an LCD screen on the handlebars you will be able to know your walking speed and distance traveled.

sleepow > Sleepow : thepillow with shape memory. Designed for adults but also for children, this pillow has an MP3 player to play, for example, a lullaby to your baby. connected layers

> TweetPee :the smart health connected layer. Proposed by Huggies, this smart health connected layer lets you know when it is wet and when it needs to be changed, thanks to a sensor that you will place on the layer. You can also know at any time the state of your diaper stock at health home. Other providers go even further, in particular with Smart Diapers which also offer a urine Review intended to prevent any pathologies which could affect your baby.

Note that the objects presented here have been proposed by many other manufacturers, this list is therefore not exhaustive and is simply intended to present certain novelties, for information.

Now presented the new developments in childcare, ask their advice to professionals to find out if these objects are really beneficial for your cherubim.

Professional advice

Claire Durando, childcare worker in the neonatology department of the Albertville Hospital in Savoie (73) agreed to answer our questions. In order to give us a full opinion on the issue, we also interviewed a childcare worker at health home, who for professional reasons prefers to remain anonymous.

When we asked them if they already knew about this type of object, their answer was categorical: never heard of it. That said, it seems fairly normal since most of these are still in the prototype or Review phase in some countries, rarely France. In addition, in view of the answers provided by these professionals, we now doubt that they are invading European households, due to the numerous contraindications detected.

Opinion on smart health connected objects related to health

Regarding objects related to health, The verdict of professionals is rather clear: mistrust !

For the Mimo Baby monitoring par example, it seems according to Claire that this object is more anxiety inducing reassuring for young parents.

For example concerning the breathing sensor, it would be necessary beforehand to be certain that the one distinguishes the various phases of sleep which knows an infant. Indeed, if breathing is regular in certain phases of sleep, this is not the case for all. So during REM sleep, it is normal that baby's breathing is not regular. In addition, it is important not to wake a baby when it is during this phase of sleep, very important for him. Do not panic, therefore!

parent stress

Concerning the baby scale, the risk here is to compare the growth curve to that of a "standard". Claire Durando reminds us in this respect of the great difference between babies who are breastfed and those who are bottle-fed. So it is possible that the baby, depending on his type of diet, does not gain much weight, without that this indicates a bad development of his state of health. It is therefore advisable to rely on the judgment of the pediatrician, whose visits are compulsory during the first 6 months of your infant, at the rate of one visit per month.

Generally, nurses warn against side effects such products, which they claim are more likely to “to stress”Parents rather than helping them. According to the professionals, none of these items are worth the “eye” of parents. Indeed, little by little the parents will be enriched by the information transmitted to them by babies and by dint of learning and adjustments, the parents are the best "detectors" concerning a possible anomaly in the health of their child.

Opinion on smart health connected objects linked to surveillance

The danger here is to take over the physical surveillance of your child with virtual surveillance, which nurses fear most. If certain smart health connected objects can be a source of serenity for parents (since they allow you to keep an eye on him at all times), you should not go to the extreme. If the EyeOn baby can have advantages, the Tedi plush is prohibited by professionals because the wifi or other waves are too close to the infant. In general, this criticism applies to all the objects presented above.

wave hazard

Indeed, the waves whatever they are strongly discouraged for infants. Optimally, the baby's room must be free of any wave emitted by an object, and, if necessary, it must be placed as far as possible from the baby. So the smart health connected layer should be banned, just like the memory foam pillow.

Selection of objects by professionals

Those who have everything good

– the Moneual SW baby monitoring takes first place in the ranking since it appears to be a real help everyday for hearing-impaired parents. According to Claire Durando, this sector is to be invested and much remains to be done in terms of parenting assistance for people with disabilities. However, this object should not be abused and natural monitoring should be preferred when possible.

– the smart health connected stroller also ranks at the top of the list of “good” baby items. Indeed it could be a useful object helping to create a link between parents and children. Not only is the baby out, which does him the greatest good, but in addition you can exercise a sport while enjoying your child. As such, running with strollers is becoming more and more popular.

Those who have it all wrong

– thepillow with shape memory. Pillows, whatever they are are not recommended for children up to about a year old and this in an approach of prevention of sudden death of the infant. You should not give your baby a pillow so that the baby does not bury his head in it and does not risk suffocating. This product is probably the worst smart health smart health connected object, if it is aimed at children. In addition, at present, all baby toys have loudspeakers and emit music or various sounds. This does a lot for babies who are already surrounded by noises and sounds during the day. When you sleep, your baby's sound environment must be as quiet as possible.

– the smart health connected layer:

I do not see the usefulness of such a product. When a diaper needs to be changed, this is quickly detectable. In addition, placing a sensor emitting waves near the genital area seems very risky. We do not yet know the harmful effects that this could have in the long term.Claire Durando


Do you think that these objects could, in the near future, equip your workplaces and why?

According to Claire Durando, these objects will not be part of the daily life of hospitals in the near future, for a reason of high cost.

In addition, these objects do not add much to our expertise. If some of them can reassure parents once they get health home, they can not and should not in any case replace the look and monitoring of a professional

In the neonatology service, intended for babies born prematurely, the great digital advance of the moment is that of scopes which do not ring in the same room as the one where the babies are. Indeed, the latter, which are followed closely and in real time, are surrounded by various alarms and sounds coming from the machines which follow them. Some hospitals have scopes that warn professionals in their ward, allowing newborns to be calmer.

However the smart health connected objects can be of one great help, especially at the time of treatment and especially when these are painful. Indeed, according to Claire, shelves seem to be a very good means of distraction for children when they need to be cared for. Distributing a cartoon or image will captivate the child and make them focus on something else. For the childcare worker this reduces anxiety linked to care, in addition to the means provided to reduce physical pain. children's tablet

What is your personal opinion regarding new technologies related to childcare?

In general, it seems that our two professionals are not not in favor of this type of product, which makes parents feel guilty more than they help them. They would even be a source of anxiety for the latter. According to them, it seems that today, if we do not have this or that object, we are bad parents and this is completely false. You should remain in control of what you can do for your baby, without believing that outside assistance is needed.

These intermediate objects can break the bond that is created between the child and the parents or slow down mutual recognition. Parents need to have confidence in themselves and know that they can, without smart health connected objects, succeed in educating and monitoring their baby. health home nursery

In conclusion

So it seems that we should remain wary of these smart health connected objects or at least reasonable. If they can act as help on an ad hoc basis and in special cases, their use should not be generalized. Baby will have plenty of time, as he grows up, to confront the smart health connected whole without rushing this learning. We thank Claire Durando and our health home childcare worker for the interview they gave us and for the frankness of their response. As such, we hope to have reassured (future) parents by showing them that they are the only ones really capable of bringing the necessary glance to their child.


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