smart health connected fan Princess Pro compatible with Google health home and Amazon Echo , smart health device review

smart health connected fan Princess Pro review Review price compatible with Google health home and Amazon Echo. Efficient, solid and silent remotely controllable.

Date of last modification: June 25, 2019

smart health connected fan Princess Pro compatible with Google health home and Amazon Echo

On hot days, when to wonder about the fans smart health connected to remotely manage the freshness of the house or office. With a thought for the bedrooms under the eaves. Here is a smart health connected model that comes from the Princess brand founded in 1994 in Breda, the Netherlands (Smartwares group).

If with one of the smart health connected sockets, you can already control your existing fan by voice, you can also orient yourself on a fan directly compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. Want to cross the heat wave in the cool, make your “Princess”.


smart health connected fan design Princess

The Princess fan gives a good impression of quality and a successful design. In the shape of a black column a little over a meter high, its base and top are in chrome finish even if the whole is made of ABS. Its height is effective to come refresh yourself sitting on a sofa, at the desk or lying in your bed.

On the upper part, you will find indicator lights (LED) indicating the intensity of the active flux. Its weight of 4.1 kilos allows you to move it easily in the room of your choice.

Princess smart health connected Fan Features

  • The “normal” setting
  • The "natural" mode will give you the feeling of a walk in the forest or on the beach thanks to the subtle air changes.
  • The ”night” mode is almost silent and it is very suitable for cooling a room. It slows down the fan speed so you can still feel the air flow but you can't hear the fan as much.

Natural and night modes are displayed on the column screen when selected.

Correct performance for a reasonable sound level at full power

  • 50 Watts
  • Speed: 950-1150-1300 rpm.
  • Air flow: 1488 m3/hour
  • Ventilation on a beach80 degree oscillation.
  • Sound level maximum of 54 dB

connected fan princess pro series notice price design

Touch controls on the Princess Pro fan

  • On / off button.
  • Press the speed button to choose the desired speed setting.
  • Press repeatedly to select one of three different speed settings.
  • Mode button: Choose from 3 different breeze models: normal, natural and night.
  • Press the swing button to activate the swing function, press it again to turn it off.
  • Press the timer button to activate the timer. With several presses you increase the duration of the timer.

Finally, it is quick and easy to assemble (3 screws to fix on the turntable).

Princess Pro fan connectivity

This fan can be easily controlled via theHomeWizard Climate app on your smartphone on iOS 11+ or Android 4+.

As well as with Alexa voice commands from a speaker Amazon Echo or compatible or a Google health home, as well as on-board devices Google Assistant. The smart health connected functions available:

  • Turn your smart health connected fan tower on and off
  • You can create time schedules
  • Set speed wind without even getting up from your sofa or bed and even when you're not at health home.
  • In addition, the Princess fan has a function of timer which can be set between 1 and 8 hours.
  • Activate and deactivate oscillation
  • Choose the desired ventilation power
  • Choose your preferred mode (normal, night or natural)
  • Add multiple fans to a single account

connected fan princess app HomeWizard climate

How to pair your Princess Pro fan

Associate your ventilator with the HomeWizard Climate application

  • Make sure your fan is plugged in and turned on.
  • Download and open the HomeWizard Climate app from your smartphone.
  • Create your account or if you already have a HomeWizard account, identify yourself.
  • Click on “Add new Climate Device” to add a new device.
  • Follow the instructions on the app to connect the fan.

Connect your voice assistant

  • For Google health home, link the product by adding the HomeWizard app
  • with Alexa, simply activate the dedicated skill HomeWizard Climate

Voice commands for your Princess Pro series

  • "Alexa, turn on the fan"
  • "Alexa turns off the fan"

Price and availability for Princess series Pro and Classic smart health connected fan

Princess actually offers two models, one smart health connected and the other slightly lower (80 cm), but with the same power (50 W).

The Princess Pro series also includes a smart health connected robot vacuum (COMPARATIVE MOWER ROBOTS)

Princess smart health connected Fan Reviews

I appreciate the design that makes it a very quiet fan with the finned rollers that propel the air without stirring it while the column rotates gently on its axis.

Another advantage is that the air generated is soft and pleasant with a real feeling of freshness, but without the draft effect that makes light objects fly.

The price remains high at 150 €, but allows you to turn on the fan remotely 1 hour before going health home or turn it off from your office if you left it running at health home (you will actually 'take with you).

Its only small defect is not to offer a physical remote control, so you will have to either use the console on the device, or use the app on your smartphone or even your voice if you have Alexa or Google Assistant.


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