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Sleeping well is essential for a balanced life and good health. Yet, according to a study by the National Institute of Sleep and Vigilance (InSV), 69% say they wake up at least once a night, of which 11% say they wake up at least three times each night. In question, many disorders: insomnia (18%), disorders of the rhythm of sleep (17%), restless legs syndrome (6%) and sleep apnea syndrome (5%). So how to sleep better? You can use smart health analyze your sleep.For some situations like sleep apnea, specific devices exist. Otherwise, the solution is to analyze your sleep to try to understand the problem. Discover several objects that can help you.

Smart health analyze your sleep

Beddit 2.0, the connected bracelet to analyze your sleep

The start-up Beddit already begins to have a little luggage in terms of objects to analyze your sleep. Its Beddit 3.0 is one of the most complete objects on the market. This sensor attaches to your mattress and captures your heart and respiratory rate, your sleep cycle, the quality of your sleep, your snoring and analyzes the quality of your sleeping environment. In addition, it detects you, triggers itself and automatically communicates with your smartphone as soon as you lie on the bed.

Thanks to his complete analyzes, he tells you what works well or not in your way of sleeping and makes you complete summaries using graphs.

@ Morph, the connected mattress to analyze your sleep

This is one of the first connected mattresses that has been available on the market. Designed by in partnership with Beddit, it is a concentrate of technologies. Equipped with a multitude of sensors, the Morphe @ is capable of detecting the heart rate or analyzing breathing. The application then processes the data collected and calculates the time spent before falling asleep, the different sleep cycles, the number of untimely awakenings or possible snoring. All this data will be used to wake you up at the best time in a time slot that you have predefined.

Sleep Cycle, the app to analyze your sleep

AND if the solution rested in your smartphone? Goodbye gadgets and hello the simple application to install on your phone. This is the challenge of several companies that now offer dedicated applications to help you sleep better. Among these, we will especially remember Sleep Cycle. The application uses the sensors of the iPhone to measure the vibrations of the mattress and deduce the different phases of sleep. Of course, the results are less accurate than with a dedicated sensor however, it remains more than correct.

The idea is simple. You place the phone, under the sheet or on the night table according to the size of it. Thanks to the microphone of the iPhone, Sleep Cycle “listens” to your night and then restores the information gathered in the form of graphics. The basic application is free but a premium mode is available allowing you to have access to more information or to export your data.

Withings Aura, the connected lamp to analyze your sleep

Do you know that it might be better for your body to get up 30 minutes earlier or 30 minutes later than you are used to? Withings Aura is based on the biological data of your sleep to activate its wake up at the best possible time during a phase of light sleep. Thanks to its application, you will have in the form of graphs, the details of the various stages of your sleep (paradoxical, light, deep), but also the duration of the sleep, your delay of falling asleep and calculates a rate compared to the objectives fixed . The awakening that takes place in sound and lights is very soft and very pleasant. You can also sync it with Spotify to choose which music you want to wake up to. The best way to start a day.

Fitbit, an electronic coach to analyze your sleep

We especially know the Fitbit brand for its bracelets that can track your activity. But the brand is also present on the products to analyze the quality of your sleep. The Flex 2 allows you to analyze your sleep and wake up silently. You can save your sleep in “sensitive” mode to collect a lot of detailed information. Do you think you slept eight hours? For the Flex, there was 30 minutes when your sleep was so hectic that you did not rest.

The advantage of Flex is that it will be useful to you as much during the day as at night. It is therefore a really versatile accessory that its price also makes very accessible. You can buy it for less than 100 € on the Fitbit website.

You have not found your happiness in our selection, discover all our information about connected sleep.

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