Smart garden lighting – these are the possibilities


Smart garden lighting – the most important things in brief

Smart garden lighting not only creates a nice atmosphere, but can also illuminate paths in the dark. In general, interested parties should consider the following aspects when it comes to smart lighting control in the garden:

  • Range & radio connection: As in the smart health home, both factors are also relevant in the garden. Some manufacturers offer garden lighting with Bluetooth, but ZigBee dominates – an additional gateway is required here. In addition, the range for WiFi in the garden should be increased if necessary.
  • compatibility: Not only a uniform radio connection and control via just one app applies here, but also voice control. Does the desired component for smart garden lighting support the preferred assistant Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri with Apple HomeKit?
  • Power supply: Mood lights with an integrated battery do not require a power source, but base lights, for example, do. Corresponding power supplies and extension cables are usually included in the scope of delivery.

Smart garden lighting – examples of luminous highlights

The terrace and the garden do not have to be illuminated with full brightness, especially under a starry sky. With beautiful mood lights, garden enthusiasts achieve great highlights with pleasantly unobtrusive effects. You don't even have to have electricity nearby if the garden lighting has a battery installed. Streaks of light create beautiful accents both inside and outside.

Intelligent mood lights as colorful accents in the garden

When it comes to lighting control, Signify is the market leader and offers a wide product portfolio including great Philips Hue outdoor LED lights. If you want it straightforward, choose the mobile Philips Hue Go. In addition to ZigBee, the latter also supports Bluetooth and therefore works alternatively without the Philips Hue Bridge that is otherwise required. Control via the Philips Hue Bluetooth app (Android |iOS).

tip: If in the household z. For example, if there is an Echo Plus 2, Philips Hue Go can be smart health connected to the ZigBee hub integrated there. However, users get the greatest range of functions with the manufacturer's own bridge. The stylish mood light Philips Hue Go shines in up to 16 million colors and is dimmable. The built-in battery lasts 10 hours and thus survives a longer evening. There is compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant. Another advantage of Philips Hue is that the lighting system can be expanded as required.

Philips Hue Go -23%

Portable, wireless light, dimmable, up to 16 million colors, controllable via app, compatible with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit

Anyone who has coordinated their smart health home system with Apple HomeKit is making the right choice with the Eve Flare mood light. Since the ball lamp is also not wired, it does not require a direct power source and supports Bluetooth. Outdoor fans can enjoy the color spectacle for a full 6 hours. Eve Flare has existing color creations, optionally a desired color from the complete color spectrum can be selected. With 90 lumens, Eve Flare doesn't shine too brightly, which we think is useful for a mild evening. Thanks to the IP65 protection class, the light bulb is protected against water, but not against immersion.

Portable, battery-powered mood light: Predefined scenes for a relaxed atmosphere, dimmable, perfect for iOS and Android -13%

Portable, battery-powered mood light: Predefined scenes for a relaxed atmosphere, dimmable, perfect for iOS and Android

Streaks of light as bright markings in the garden

Intelligent light strips provide nice highlights indoors and outdoors. Outside, too, they can illuminate stairs and make trip hazards visible. Beds and plants become eye-catchers thanks to light strips. The Philips Hue Lightstrip Outdoor offers all the advantages that the Philips Hue White and Color product portfolio unites: Compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, up to 16 million different colors, installable scenarios and control according to schedules. Users can only get the full range of functions here with the necessary Philips Hue Bridge. The Philips Hue Lightstrip for outdoor use is available in 2 or 5 meters in length. However, shortening or lengthening is not possible because such changes do not guarantee protection against water.

tip: When buying a light strip, light fans should make sure that it is also the outdoor version. Because only this one is weatherproof and can withstand rain or heavy pouring processes without hesitation.

Philips Hue LightStrip Outdoor, 2m

The bestseller from Philips Hue now also for outdoor use -11%

The bestseller from Philips Hue now also for outdoor use

Smart garden lighting – examples of safe routes

In addition to flexible solutions such as mood lights and light strips, there are also wall, path, pedestal lights or floodlights. The practical thing: If residents have already installed that garden lighting, the conventional LED lights can be replaced with a smart version. This is a practical retrofit solution and garden enthusiasts can expand their lighting system to the outside. Then all lights listen to the word and, depending on the model, gain in color spectrum and light variations.

tip: Interested parties should note the appropriate version, such as E27. In addition, the dimensions of the intelligent alternative are relevant, the design is often higher – this can lead to problems with narrow cutouts when exchanging. Philips Hue, for example, offers worthwhile starter sets with a bridge.

Philips Hue Starter Set White & Color Ambiance E27 (4th generation)

Most popular starter set in the Hue lamp world, including bridge and dimmer switch, HomeKit and Alexa compatible. -30%

Most popular starter set in the Hue lamp world, including bridge and dimmer switch, HomeKit and Alexa compatible.

In addition to Philips Hue, Ledvance, formerly Osram, with the Smart + Gardenpole LED light is a nice example of pedestal lights. The pedestal lamp can be placed on a spit in the garden, attached to flat surfaces with screws or with an adhesive surface and illuminates paths with other lamps of its kind, marks beds or surrounds the terrace with light accents. The supported radio standard is ZigBee and therefore the lights can also be controlled directly with a Philips Hue Bridge or an Echo Plus, for example, thanks to the integrated ZigBee hub. The manufacturer offers a set of 5 mini pedestal lights.

OSRAM Smart + Gardenpole Multicolor

OSRAM Smart + Gardenpole Multicolor -34%

LED garden light with 5 spots in 2.5 m length, dimmable, warm white to daylight white 2000K – 6500K, color control (plus 5.4 meter cable), Alexa compatible, 1-pack

Conclusion on smart lighting in the garden

Smart garden lighting with a wide range of colors not only looks beautiful, it also makes tripping hazards visible. Another advantage is that with certain scenarios, the lamps in the garden only burn when they are really needed. In addition, intelligent garden lighting means that residents can no longer forget to switch them off. Animals that are active at night, such as moths, will therefore be grateful. A safety factor does not only exist due to the lighting of stairs or garden paths: On vacation, intelligent lighting also serves as a presence simulation outdoors.


Philips Hue Go
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