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Silk Maison is a brand that strives to enhance women’s life-wear using luxurious silk and designs, making you look & feel effortlessly glamorous.

Why silk can make a difference

What makes silk so special? Silk is a special material created from the cocoon of insects which is resistant to most material degradation including humidity. Silk can last up to 1000 years, however, most women discard their underwear after a few wears. Our luxurious silk and feel breezy, allowing you to look and feel effortlessly glamorous. Also its fine fabric makes you look beautiful, thus it plays a major role in an individual’s sense of self esteem. It’s an important fabric in our lives. Silk is an important fabric in our lives. Silk will help you feel and look beautiful. It’s a special material in our lives. Silk is resistant to most material degradation including humidity. It can last up to 1000 years, however, most women discard their underwear after a few wears.

The importance of design

As shown by my first impression on the first capsule collection, its designing focused on delivering a modern-yet-classy vibe to the piece of clothing that you wear with your everyday outfits. Thus, it makes sure that you do not feel confused as to how you should style a particular outfit. This is achieved by the use of dark blue-and-silver color combination which gives a classy and modern look to your whole look.

Silk Maison’s luxurious items

Silk Maison aims to provide a luxury clothing brand, that offers customers high quality silk clothing, in many different styles and styles in order to satisfy all customers. In order to ensure perfect fitting garments, Silk Maison offers its customers one of a kind designs made with an exquisite Silk fabric that offers soft comfort to your skin. The luxury brand offers you luxurious  clothing, including: Silk Cozy Silk Cozy Women’s Sweater Silk Sandals Silk Dress Silk Tulle Skirt Silk Shirt Silk Vest Silk Hat With silk Maison, you can achieve all your garment wardrobe collection that is guaranteed with its high quality silk fabric. 

The matching silk pillow case and eye mask set in two colors in a luxurious silk Maison gift box make it the perfect gift for your friends and family. Even if you are not a fan of silk feel, we like the cotton mask, which has a unique wing design to alleviate the pressure on the eyes. We strive to improve your life by wearing and using luxurious silk, accompanied by our elegant designs that allow you to look glamorous and feel glamorous.

Many silk sleep masks have similar designs, so it is not obvious that there is a difference between them. We are proud to offer our customers luxurious silk maison packages to order.

Slip on a sleep mask with the 22 Momme Pure Mulberry Silk for a soft feel. For soft and sensitive skin, RachelSilk 19 Momme Silk Sleeping Eye Mask ensures a healthy sleep experience. The flat silk mask has a silky outer material and a flat design with adjustable straps that adjust it to the face so that it does not put pressure on the eyes.

Some may find this cruel, but various designers have found alternative ways to make silk. Here are 6 of the best sustainable vegan silk shapes and the wonderful designers who use them.

RachelSilk 19 Momme Silk Sleep Eye Mask If you think about it, you’re probably thinking about movie stars sleeping on private jets. The adjustable sleep mask made of natural silk combines blindfolds made of 100% pure mulberry silk for sleeping.

We are confident that you will love your Silk Maison capsules, but in the unlikely event that you need to return or exchange anything, this is our review policy. Silk maison is a part of our lives as a unit of comfort and sensation. Let me state in this Silk Maison review that the suit does not contain live photos of the product.

Silk Mason uses Grade 6A mulberry silk, also known as Queen Fibre for day and evening silk wear, so it is only natural that Silk Mason is known for its stuff when it comes to pillowcases. Mulberry silk pillowcases allow the hair to glide over the skin with each breath while you sleep. The fibres are damaged, wrapped and spun into a thread that feels as luxurious as silk.

We love this pillowcase, which is made of 100 percent pure mulberry silk on the one hand and high-quality non-slip material on the other. Mulberry silk is the highest quality silk you can get and it is the papinelle of everything that is made. Sleeping in silk is often touted as a way to improve hair and skin.

Enhancing your life-wear

Silk Maison designs are crafted from the finest Italian Silk from the best Greek taffeta and Arista, British cummerbund & taffeta.The best Italian silk is mixed with traditional fabric like cummerbund and taffeta to make a versatile fabric for dressy or casual attire. The fabrics offered at Silk Maison are of best quality and have won the prestigious IAQIA Gold award. Some of the best fabrics available in the market are arista, cummerbund and taffeta and silk for hemlines and dress fabrics. Silk Maison strive to achieve their aim by using premium designs, best fabrics and reasonable prices. If you wish to enhance your apparel with the best fabric and feel and look elegant, then Silk Maison is a perfect choice for you.

Silk is as soft as a curtain and feels wonderful on the body. Luxurious, sustainable vegan silk is a wonderful, cruelty-free alternative to the real. Lotus thread is one of the world’s rarest and most sacred threads for luxurious vegan silk.

From an economic point of view, it is difficult to justify using peace silk, also known as Ahimsa silk. Many vegans prefer artificial silk, a natural substance derived from animals. So-called Ramys, which come from the fibres of the flowering plants of the nettle family, have been popular for centuries in China, Brazil, Indonesia and the Philippines because they lustre and feel draped over raw silk.

If you have ever worn your clothes, you can safely say that the slip-on dresses will stay here and rule our wardrobes again as they did in the heyday of the Nineties. If you have not heard anything for several days, please contact your e-mail address to authorize the return.

This is the second review I have written, and the only negative, so I think it is important to warn others that this is terrible. I have this sleeper dress as number one on my radar. If this company were a criminal, I would not be surprised, but it is not a clothing company.

I fell in love from the moment I saw this on one of my favourite fashion blogs on Instagram. This is a product that wins fans by offering a luxury that delivers. There is no way to prevent this from happening in the future, so please use the Privacy Pass.

I got a bit nervous about the mini dresses, but the bigger ones were worth the risk. Without further ado, browse through the 11 engagement dresses I had in my shopping cart, and choose another 38 I had in mind.

I guess the truth is that anything to do with marriage makes me happy. If I bought two dresses for two parties, I wouldn’t be sorry if I bought that.

How to shop ?

 Silk Maison handcrafted garments are hand made to last with utmost care. Each silk item is carefully handcrafted and combined with quality material. All this in order to form an enchanting and elegant combination which make the clothes quite versatile and unique. Made to Measure You can purchase any size of the pieces designed, and we make sure that the fit is up to your requirement.


The material feels very luxurious, it doesn’t wrinkle and feels great, the sizing is spot on and the color is vibrant. I definitely prefer silk to cotton, but since this is a sport cotton material, it wears nicely with casual attire.

The fabric is beautiful, luxurious and feels amazing on my skin, even after washing a ton of times. The styling is both casual and chic. This is a great item for any woman, especially those who love how beautiful silk feels.

I love the way the fabric feels and I really feel like it’s a great quality silk. The color matches my skin tone and I’m not afraid of dark colors. The material itself is smooth and seems very luxurious. Overall it’s a great silk and I’m glad to own this piece.

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