Set up Echo Connect – Here's how


Echo Connect – make calls over the landline with Alexa

Hands-free calls promise great convenience. If the Echo Connect telephone box is smart health connected and smart health connected to an Echo device, users can call friends and relatives via their telephone connection with Alexa using a voice command. Since Echo Connect works via the telephone connection or VoIP, the call partners are shown the conventional landline number when they call. Via the Alexa app (Android | iOS) contacts are synchronized, so all numbers are securely stored on the smartphone.

Set up Echo Connect – Here's how

Before Echo Connect can be used, a landline phone or Voice over IP service should already be set up. In addition, users must already have an Amazon Echo speaker. The correct location for Echo Connect is near an electrical outlet, a wireless router, and a phone line. Then the setup is done in just 8 steps.

  1. Connect Echo Connect to the socket using the supplied power cable and power supply (LED light on Echo Connect starts to light up).
  2. Plug the supplied telephone cable into the back of the Echo Connect.
  3. Depending on the individual circumstances, connect the other end of the telephone cable to the following component: Telephone socket / WLAN router (with digital telephone connection) / analog telephone adapter.
  4. Open the Alexa app.
  5. Open the settings menu (see three dashes symbol).
  6. Select "Add devices".
  7. Select "Amazon Echo".
  8. Select "Echo Connect" and follow the instructions of the app.

Conclusion on Echo Connect – landline telephony with Alexa

With Echo Connect, users can simply call people via voice over the landline. Echo Connect owners only need to ask Alexa to call any contact. The practical thing: conversation partners do not need to have an Echo device themselves or have the Alexa app installed. Incoming calls can also be answered by voice and your hands remain free for household chores or kitchen tasks, for example.


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