Samsung unveils new folding screen concepts


Samsung Display presented new screen concepts at the Display Week virtual exhibition, which shows what the folding smartphones of the future can be. The S-Foldable OLED display (see the photo at the top of the page) is a logical evolution of what can be found in the manufacturer’s Galaxy Z Fold smartphones. This screen is able to fold twice, which allows for a more compact device. Unfolded, it offers a 7.2 inch display.

The other line of research concerns stretchable screens and Samsung Display has shown an OLED screen concept that can stretch horizontally. This concept is reminiscent of the Oppo X 2021 smartphone.

The manufacturer is working on folding smartphones, but also on tablets. He showed a screen which when unfolded offers a 17 inch display with a 4/3 aspect ratio.

Also to discover in video:

Finally, the manufacturer is also working on cameras placed under the screen (Under Panel Camera) of mobile devices, so as to no longer have notches or drops of water. This type of screen could be used on smartphones, but also in laptops.

Source : SamMobile


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