Samsung creates health home Connectivity Alliance to unify smart health home players # CES2022


For many years, health home automation, and the smart health connected health home more generally, has suffered from a major problem: the disparity of communication protocols between the different devices: Zwave, ZigBee, IO-Homecontrol, Wifi, Bluetooth, X3D, etc. are all different communication languages. While some are open and allow devices to communicate with each other, others are completely closed and trap the user in a limited range of devices. It’s a fact: the smart health connected health home will only be successful when interoperability is there. This is why a number of companies have come together to announce the launch of the health home Connectivity Alliance during CES 2022. The HCA thus presents itself as an organization dedicated to the creation of interoperable devices in the health home.

The health home Connectivity Alliance: déjà vu?

The health home Connectivity Alliance is made up of American Standard Heating and Air Condition, Arcelik, The Electrolux Group, Haier, GE Appliances, Samsung Electronics and Trane Residential. The presence of some of these companies is surprising given their relatively low profile in the smart health home market, but Samsung’s membership is not at all a surprise, being its instigator.Yoon Ho Choi,president of Samsung Electronics, is also president of the health home Connectivity Alliance…

A simple and secure smart health connected health home has been a long-held dream of the industry, and it’s time to make it a reality. Consumer homes are filled with long-lasting appliances and systems from multiple manufacturers. Consumers should be able to purchase and use multiple brand devices that work together without locking the user into a single platform. We believe that manufacturers, who truly understand the needs of their consumers, are leading the way in building an interoperable smart health connected health home ecosystem.

Yoon Ho Choi, President of the health home Connectivity Alliance and… President of Samsung Electronics

In addition to offering more choice to consumers, thea health home Connectivity Alliance strives to make data privacy a priority. She is described as one of the “key pillars” of the HCA’s mission. General security is just as important as data privacy. A device with a camera or microphone should be convenient without being listened to, while devices that transmit high voltages, such as a washing machine or dryer, should not present any risk to the user. The health home Connectivity Alliance promises to prioritize consumer safety in the ever-changing smart health home landscape.

If this desire is commendable, one can however wonder if it does not duplicate Matter, of which Samsung has also been a supporter for a long time. The only thinly veiled goal is to build an eco-system around Samsung’s Smartthings system, in order to control devices from other manufacturers from a single interface. That of Samsung. And not that of Google, Amazon, or Apple, who are united in Matter. Indeed, if Matter aims to standardize communication between devices from different manufacturers, it is the user who will choose his front door to control his system, with in particular the voice assistants Google, Alexa, or Siri. . Normal that Samsung does not see this very favorably, he who has been trying for years to impose his Smartthings system and his own voice assistant. The manufacturer is also reiterating this year at CES with its health home Hub, a smart screen to control all smart health connected objects in the house (well, those compatible with Samsung ;-).

samsung home hub

A project to follow, because for the moment it is only in its infancy, as one can realize it by visiting the official site, which does not display any technical information for the moment.


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