Samsung and ABB team up to expand SmartThings integration

Samsung has partnered with ABB to extend its SmartThings app to more homes and buildings. The partnership creates a one-stop-shop for IoT solutions.

According to Chanwoo Park, head of IoT business at Samsung, SmartThings has helped the company create an “ecosystem of smart devices that make homes smarter and more efficient. »

“We are excited to build on this by partnering with ABB to extend the SmartThings experience to new customers. This makes it easier for consumers to cut costs; and create a positive environmental impact. “, did he declare. For information, ABB is a leading company in building automation and control technology.

Last year, at its annual developer conference, Samsung SmartThings unveiled our new partner solution. A partnership designed to help builders, property management companies and property developers create and manage a smart health connected living experience across properties and homes at scale; called “SmartThings Build”.

With this solution, SmartThings continued to work with companies around the world. The company wishing to integrate its technology directly into commercial and residential properties.

Together with ABB, SmartThings technology will be integrated into residential and commercial buildings. The objective is to provide common technologies for energy saving. As well as for energy management. And finally the intelligent connection of residential and commercial buildings.

Users will be able to use an open and centralized system controlled either via SmartThings or via the ABB-free@health home health home automation solution. They will be able to increase their savings through transparent control and automation of energy consumption. Residents and owners will be able to monitoring and manage all appliances, gas and smoke sensors; as well as energy, security and temperature settings, all from anywhere in the world using a single app.


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