RUAWALK wants to synchronize your walk with music

You’re looking for motivation to keep pace with your workout … Take a look at Wearable Healthcare Inc.’s latest innovation.The Ruawalk is an application that will be perfect to take your health and well-being, it is to match your steps to musical rhythms during walking or hiking, it allows you to walk to the rhythm of music .

You must first associate it with your smartphone and then attach it to your shoe. The Ruawalk will automatically offer you the perfect playlist to start your training session, it can also be your vocal coach who will guide you if your pace does not match the rhythm of the music.

The RUAWALK has 7 different walking programs from 15 to 30min and thirty songs to satisfy you.

For those who practice running on a regular basis, music is often essential. To escape the surrounding noise but especially to relax or motivate through his favorite music. But Ruawalk proposes a different concept. The idea of ​​this small connected object is to make music, an integral part of your sporting activity. We explain the details.

Music adapted to different situations

The current plotters show you the number of steps, the distance traveled in kilometers or your walking pace. Ruawalk wants these to be the result of music. It is both a plotter, an mp3 and a real sports coach.

Just choose the music according to your needs. 7 different programs are available: “I’m on a diet”, “Youth and energy”, “Improving mood”, “Fitness”, “Reflection”, “Digestive walk” and “Urban transport”. The idea is to make you adapt your walking pace according to the music. If you can keep up with the pace you set, you get points. These then allow to unlock new music. Each mode also includes a warm up portion and a relaxation portion.

Visually, it’s a small gadget of 12 grams that you can install in seconds on your shoe. The brand announces between 3 and 5 days of autonomy by recharging. According to the company, the data is also much more accurate in terms of pace and speed than what the competition currently offers.

 The concept of music in sport

Ruawalk should be available in four different colors: purple, mint, pink and orange. If donations are sufficient, this item may be available in white, black and pearl.

Several companies have recently embarked on the concept of music in sport. The main idea is to make the experience more enjoyable. Often, headphones can fall or be uncomfortable. Moreover, sound can be problematic in a sometimes dangerous urban environment. Among them S-Stone, sports goggles, or NeckSound, a musical necklace. Improving runners’ shoes is also a well-launched process by high-tech companies. UnderArmour unveiled, last year, connected shoes that can help you run better with many sensors.


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