Roborock S7 Pro Ultra Review: a robot vacuum cleaner with all options, or almost

The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra is presented as an improved version of the S7 launched at the beginning of 2021, but the improvements made (mainly on the battery, the suction power and the station) ultimately bring it closer to the newer S7 MaxV Ultra . Only the front camera of the latter is actually missing from the new model, which therefore manages obstacles less well.

If the larger ones can be detected using the laser rangefinder, the smaller ones will be ignored until the collision… or the suction for cables and socks, for example. The robot then risks getting stuck. Less glamorous, it also risks passing over the excrement of any animals in the house, and spreading them. Remember, however, that the S7 MaxV Ultra was far from faultless in the face of the few obstacles thrown in its path during our tests. In both cases, it is therefore preferable to store a minimum before starting a suction cycle.

Small obstacles aside, the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra proceeds to methodically clean the rooms, starting by going around them before sweeping the interior in a zigzag fashion, when not dividing them – it then proceeds in the same way for each area. Thanks to its laser rangefinder, it generates precise maps in real time that the application then allows you to modify and enrich with virtual walls for future sessions.

The Roborock App

Carpets can also be marked so that the robot raises its mop to avoid soaking them; an ingenious system since it allows the S7 Pro Ultra to clean the whole house in one pass when other models simply avoid carpets when the washing function is activated. However, this washing function is only moderately effective. On the suction side, as with the S7 MaxV Ultra, there is less effective suction on high-pile carpets. The device does much better on thin carpet or on hard ground.

The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra on its station

The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra and its station

After a cleaning cycle, or if it doesn’t have enough battery left to finish despite its almost 3-hour battery life in normal mode, the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra returns to its charging station to refuel, but he can also take the opportunity to empty his collector and fill his water tank. In addition, the station is equipped with a cleaning system for the mop. This one, however, is not the most convincing and also leaves the station in a bad state.

It should also be noted that the automatic emptying is a little capricious: the space allocated to the dust bag is narrow and it is easy to pinch it when replacing the lid, which can affect its efficiency. The collector was nevertheless able to be completely emptied with the elements correctly in place, whether it was loaded with rice or sawdust.

The Roborock S7 Pro Ultra and its collector

The automatic drain, on the other hand, is noisy. With a sound level raised to 68 dB (A) at 1 meter, it is certainly a little less than others and in particular that of the Roidmi Eva, but it remains unpleasant. The S7 Pro Ultra is one of the loudest robots; we recorded up to 66 dB(A) when running it at maximum power. In short, it is preferable to launch it remotely, while taking care to check its collector from time to time to ensure that the station is properly installed.

Strong points

  • Good suction performance.

  • Quick recharge time.

  • Good autonomy.

  • Full app.

  • Automatic filling of the water tank integrated into the robot.

  • No need to empty the collector after each cleaning.

Weak points

  • Improving obstacle management.

  • Inefficient washing function.

  • Mop cleaning system to be improved.

  • Temperamental automatic drain.

How does grading work?

Very close to the S7 MaxV Ultra, the S7 Pro Ultra offers the same experience without the camera supposed to improve obstacle detection. It is therefore preferable to prepare the ground before launching it. From then on, it sails without any problem and makes it possible to find floors that are generally clean, provided that they have not been too stained. Because if the suction performance is good, the washing function is a little less effective. A small revision would also not be too much for the mop cleaning system integrated into the station. However, this also offers efficient emptying of the collector and thus guarantees that you can take advantage of the good suction performance of the S7 Pro Ultra with minimal maintenance.

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