Revolution Cooking R180 Smart Toaster is awesome

The new R180 High-Speed ​​Smart Toaster from Revolution Cooking is the toaster you need at health home. It offers some really useful functions, without any of the things you don’t need in a toaster; like an internet connection.

Features of the R180 smart toaster

The most obvious feature of Revolution Cooking R180 is its large, prominent touchscreen. The screen replaces the usual hardware controls; buttons and switches. It gives you visual feedback on the toasting process while it is in progress. This is without a doubt one of the “smart” characteristics of the R180. But the company’s “InstaGlo” heating technology could best be described as its main differentiator.

In terms of basic specs, this is a two-slice toaster with the slots wide enough to accommodate bagels and hamburger buns quite easily. It has selectable modes for bagels, sliced ​​bread, English muffins, waffles, and toaster pastries (like Pop-Tarts). You can choose between three different heating modes. In particular “fresh”, “frozen” and “reheat”. And there are seven different dark levels for browning.

There is an option to display the standby clock when the toaster is not in use. Finally, the toaster may remind you every now and then to push yourself to remove and empty the crumb tray.

Revolution Cooking R180 High-Speed ​​Smart Toaster

Conception and performances

The R180 Revolution’s industrial design is good, without being wacky or overly futuristic. It is basically a brushed stainless steel rectangle; with a slanted chrome front panel and a large touchscreen. But the toaster definitely looks great when placed on a countertop. And the tilt of its front is a nice touch that ensures optimal visibility and control of access to the touchscreen when you use it while standing. It’s also relatively compact and won’t take up too much space if you’re concerned with countertop real estate.

The screen is large and bright, and uses capacitive touch. This makes it very responsive in terms of detecting entries. The advantage of the interface is that, although it is digital, it is still simple. Everything you need is on one screen, with a standard cogwheel icon that hides settings for doing neat but unnecessary things like setting the time and choosing between an analog or digital virtual clock face for the screen saver.

Revolution Cooking 3 R180 High-Speed ​​Smart Toaster

Using the R180 Smart Toaster

Using the R180 smart toaster is simple. There is no internet connection to configure or application to install. Just plug it in and it starts. Bringing you the bread type / browning level / heating mode selection screen. Touch the image associated with what you want to grill, or scroll left and right to find more. Then select one of the three modes and touch the browning level corresponding to the color you want the toasted item to look like the most possible (the image above updates accordingly) and click the button “Start” and off you go for the races.


A nearly $ 300 two-slot toaster certainly seems like an extravaganza. But it’s a great product that toasts your bread just the way you want it to.

The touchscreen almost certainly increases the cost. But it does provide a clean and easy to understand interface for setting desired burnout goals. And it’s a pretty good looking countertop clock when not in use. In short, the Revolution R180 Smart Toaster is just smart enough; and smart where it counts, for a smart device. But pricey enough that it’s worth taking a long, hard look at how you like grilled things.


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