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Over the years, Levoit has established itself as a true leader in the air purifier market. A company that offers reliable, resilient products that meet the needs of their customers. The Levoit PUR131S is the latest addition to the range. What is it worth? We have tested it for you.

Product unboxing

The product is delivered in a qualitative and well protected box. You just have to install the plug, install the filters and connect it to your wifi via the mobile application. The whole thing will only take a few minutes. Regarding the manual, it is in English but a French version is available here. The mobile application is in French.

A particularly efficient air purifier

This is of course the first parameter that you will look at beforeinvest in an air purifier. The Levoit PUR131S is designed to be able to capture 99.97% of hazardous air particles for you that are in the air of your health home. It goes down to 0.3 microns from a size point of view and 2.5 microns for suspended particles. This therefore includes dust, dirt, smoke, water drops, pollen, traces of moisture as well as certain bacteria and viruses.

The Levoit PUR131S uses a triple filtration system

To ensure optimal filtration of the air inside your health home, the Levoit PUR131S purifier relies on a triple filtration system. A pre-filter first takes care of capturing the first most important elements such as hair or dust. A HEPA filter is then responsible for capturing the finest allergens such as animal dander, allergens and germs. Finally, an active carbon filter helps reduce odors from pets in your health home as well as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). From a hardware point of view, the first two are smart health connected together while the third works autonomously. In terms of installation or replacement, it is very simple and it is done in a few seconds.

FILTER purifier levoit 131s

Filter replacement frequency

From a durability point of view, these filters have an estimated lifespan of about 6 months although this can of course vary depending on the use you will have of it. To know whether to change them, however, you will have to observe them directly. The little light that turns on after six months just makes you remember to check them. In terms of the price of a replacement filter, it takes 35 €.

The Levoit Pur131S is suitable for most parts

For any air purifier, it is worth looking at the dimensions for which the device is intended. The Levoit PUR131S is suitable for a room of approximately 30 m² maximum. This therefore corresponds to a very large majority of the rooms found in houses or apartments. Whether it’s your living room, kitchen or bedroom, there will be no problem. The same goes for your office if you want to set it up in your workplace unless you are in a large open space. It is recommended to have the purifier smart health connected to more than1.5m from a window or ventilation. Finally, Levoit also advocates a free space of 40cm around the purifier.

Quality design

It may look like a detail, but whether you want to place it on a shelf or not have to hide it, design is an important parameter. In this register the Levoit PUR131S, can rely on a rather modern and discreet style. It does not attract attention and can be integrated without any concern in your interior. We also appreciated Levoit’s attention to detail. The product is very qualitative and the materials used are of good quality. It doesn’t look “cheap”.

LEVOIT 131s purifier test

Dimensions and dimensions of the PUR131S

In terms of dimensions, the Levoit PUR131S is 36.8 centimeters wide, 46.9 centimeters high, 18.2 centimeters deep and it weighs a little over 7 kilos. Not always easy to find a place for it.

A rather silent air purifier

For those who, like us, can’t stand the noise, the shape and technology used with this air purifier results in a rather quiet device. We have observed with our sound level meter that the purifier, in its configuration of maximum power, only reached 45 to 50 decibels.

Reasonable power consumption

According to our tests, the purifier does not consume energy:

  • High mode power: 30W – 45/50 decibels
  • Medium mode: 19W
  • Low mode: 11W
  • In auto mode and at minimum power: 5W

What differentiating features for the Levoit PUR131S?

If you have allergy, asthma, or simply air pollution issues that you are watching closely, then you have undoubtedly looked to Levoit brand products before. The PUR131S relies above all on a major advantage in the age of new technologies, it offers Wi-Fi connectivity. This represents its major functionality: it is a smart air purifier, which means we were able to easily control from our smartphone but also from our tablet.

An ergonomic VeSync mobile application

Like many smart health connected devices, thanks to the mobile app, you can program by telling him to start certain specific hours, start a timer, adjust brightness buttons or theturn it off & on.

Programming possible with voice assistants

The goal is of course to be able to enjoy optimal air quality in your health home when you are there and can enjoy it. Programs can of course experience variations from day to day. It is also possible to program it to work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Note that you can also use the buttons which are directly on the air purifier. We tested it successfully with Google Assistant.

The different operating modes of the Levoit PUR131S

levoit 131S performance features

You can adjust the power of the purifier manually (4 options are available: low, medium, high or sleep) or let it adjust automatically depending on the air quality and the work required. Sleep mode keeps it at its lowest level all the time.

Discover the air quality of your room in real time

131s levoit sensor

This is an important parameter in judging whether it is necessary to quickly operate your air purifier or not. A visual indicator lets you know immediately if the air is clean or not in the room. The color red means that the quality is bad, yellow: it is average, green: it is good and blue: it is very good. This indicator works thanks to a laser sensor located on the side of the device. This measures PM2.5 particles. We have checked and found that the purifier did its job perfectly thanks to our complete air sensor Huma-i (HI-150).

analysis test verification pure operation 131S levoit

Levoit 131 versus Levoit 131S, which model to choose?

The Levoit PUR131S and the Levoit PUR131 are two particularly interesting models and which have an obvious success with the general public. However, if you are wondering between the two models, then you might as well say it right away: both models are very effective and similar. It is the smart health connected function that sets them apart.

If you want a device that is truly self-contained and the smarter of the two, then your best bet is to go for the 131S. If budget is the biggest issue, 131 might be your best option. Just think about the fact that you won’t be able to control it with your smartphone. This parameter can actually be decisive for many people looking to buy an air purifier. The difference at the moment in terms of price is simple to double. The price of user comfort?

Should you buy the Levoit PUR131S?

An air purifier is a real investment that must be considered in relation to your needs, the size of your apartment and the features you really need. The Levoit PUR131S is a very good alternative from a quality / price point of view.


  • [+] WIFI connection
  • [+] Smartphone control
  • [+] Efficient and rather silent
  • [+] Interesting features
  • [+] Automatic mode
  • [+] Fits most rooms
  • [+] Design and quality


  • [-] A fairly imposing product by its size
  • [-] A bit expensive replacement filters


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