[Review] Elwing Nimbus: unbeatable value for money

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Personal motorized displacement machines (EDPM) are experiencing a period of splendid growth. Whether electric bikes, scooters or monoroues, the streets of big cities are invaded by these clean mobility devices. Reserved for a specific audience, electric skateboards are trying to find a place on the asphalt. If the lover of gliding sensations who sleeps in you still does not dare to take the plunge, it is because he has not found the product which corresponds to him. Elwing, French manufacturer (Bordeaux) intends to respond to this request with its boards. Proposed at a very correct price, is the Nimbus made for you? We tell you everything in our Review.

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  • Mark : Elwing
  • model : Nimbus
  • category : Electric skateboard
  • engine power : 500 W
  • max speed : 32 km / h
  • autonomy : Up to 15 km
  • compatibility : Android and iOS
  • maximum load supported: 90 kg
  • weight : 4.9 kg
  • price : 399 euros
  • availability : available

nimbus unboxing


Elwing did not bet on the box when designing its electric skateboard. It’s a simple box that includes the board and accessories like the remote control and charger. Some tools for adjustments are also part of the trip. The Bordeaux manufacturer thus understood very well that the place of such a machine was not in a box but on the ground, ready to roll, slide and split the air.

unboxing accessories

Design and ergonomics of the Nimbus

My first impression when I discovered the Nimbus was to wonder if I really had an electric skateboard in front of me. Indeed, its look clearly inspired by street models fashionable in the 90s does not suggest the presence of an engine. It is thus close to the form called "popsicle". It is only when you turn the board over and the battery is revealed, that the electric side becomes apparent. This impression is accentuated by the dark tone of its tray fully covered with a grip. The curved deck is made of maple wood and provides both flexibility and robustness. No variegated print on the inside. Elwing preferred to leave the leading role to the wood for a successful result. Generally the design is neat.

The Nimbus is not a longboard and is more like a cruiser. Thus, its dimensions are compact with a deck that measures 83 by 24.1 cm. Above all, its weight is contained sinceit only weighs 4.9 kg. This makes it one of the lightest electric skateboards on the market. This board is therefore easy to transport. It's even simpler thanks to a practical handle, which should not have any influence on the general solidity of the board.

nimbus profile

The remote control is controlled with the thumb

Speaking of solidity, Elwing made sure to design a skateboard that withstands the vagaries of the urban jungle. Indeed, the trucks are made of steel and carbon and are fixed around a classic axis, or kingpin. In addition, with an IP65 resistance index, the Nimbus is not afraid of dust or water jets. It can run without problems on damp or even wet ground, although this is never really recommended. We can however regret the absence of bumpers or parts to absorb the blows. It is obvious that one part or another of the board will scrape the ground at some point. You must then accept to see stripes appear. The motor is protected since it is sheltered in the wheel.

Elwing opted for a thumb wheel for the remote control. You have to turn it forward to accelerate and turn it towards you to brake. This control method is not necessarily intuitive for everyone and requires a little control. The left side accommodates the various buttons and the battery gauge. Under the wheel, a notched button is used to configure the direction of travel. However, no speedometer is present. The object offers a good grip and should suit everyone.

nimbus remote control

Getting started with Elwing's Nimbus

First of all, you have to remember that the Nimbus is a cruiser board. It requires a good balance and a certain time to successfully tame it, unless you are a seasoned skater. Here, everything is played on the thumb and the wheel. But let's not go too fast.

Elwing's electric skateboard offers three distinct speed modes. Eco, City or Sport, this choice determines the maximum speed and influences the life of the battery. Eco mode can travel up to 15 km / h and pushes the duration of autonomy to 15 km. If this does not allow you to double bikes or scooters, this pace is still sufficient for a session of gliding through the city. For the more adventurous, City and Sport modes can respectively go at 25 and 32 km / h. What cause very good sensations, but reserved for good riders. The downside is the distance the board can travel with these modes. It passes 12 and 8 km. It's short, and we would have liked to be able to enjoy a ride at more than 25 km / h on a skateboard for longer.

If you are not used to skateboarding, we recommend that you start with Eco mode. Already, you have to hang on, or rather spread your feet apart, bend your knees and lower your center of gravity, because the acceleration is strong. This surprises the first few times, and we miss being thrown from the board. The Nimbus therefore requires a little adaptation time. For start-up, but also for practice. Indeed, the brake is powerful, which is a good thing, but again it takes training before you can master it.

Use of Elwing's Nimbus electric skateboard

At the end of the 80s, the street format of skateboarding was popularized by those who are considered legends today. Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and Steve Caballero have all contributed to giving the discipline its stars of nobility. They have also inspired generations of young riders, but also board manufacturers who have offered more and more efficient products.

When going on a Nimbus ride, Elwing’s inspiration for their board is beyond doubt. The slightly higher weight than a classic skateboard places it well on the ground. However, its 5 kg are not disturbing, especially when compared to other electric skateboards. This is immediately felt in the handling. A few presses on the kicktail are enough to undertake tight turns. The board control is precise and allows you to sneak on the road. In addition, the remote control allows you to change the direction of travel. This function is interesting, but in the end it is used less than you might think.

So, the Nimbus provides good gliding sensations, completely comparable to a classic skateboard, with an additional degree of freedom. No need to push constantly, or to be tired in advance by the ribs. It is a shame not to be able to take advantage of it only over ten kilometers. That's about 40 minutes sessions. Short, but intense. Note that it takes 1.5 hours for a full charge.

Positive point, with a French manufacturing plant, the SAV is too. A plus for customers who then have rapid responses and returns to their requests.

About the Elwing POWERKIT

From March 2020 Elwing will offer a new version of its electric skateboards. This V2 is embellished with the name POWERKIT. On the one hand, these models have the possibility of being comply with new regulations in force. On the other hand, they are flexible to better meet user expectations. Double or single engine, basic or long battery, these welcome developments should fill the few shortcomings that have been observed on the current Nimbus.


The Elwing Nimbus is a flexible, handy and precise board. She is a real gateway to the world of electric skateboards for the general public. Accessible and fun, this model brings together years of rider practice and the legacy of the forerunners of the discipline. We can blame him for a little delicate control and limited autonomy. Defects quickly excused by the price at which this skateboard is sold and the general quality of the product.

Good points

  • Very handy and light
  • Smells like 90s skateboarding
  • Very good value for money

Negative points

  • Limited autonomy
  • Unclear control for beginners

design and ergonomics – 8.5

Getting started – 8

Use – 7.5

Value for money – 9


Design and Ergonomics : A popsicle style inspired by the street of the 90s. Light and easily transportable.

Getting started : Requires some learning time for beginners. 3 speed modes for 3 types of sliding.

use : Very handy, the board can squeeze everywhere. Possibility forwards / backwards interesting. A little disappointing autonomy.

Quality / Price ratio : A very good product sold at a very attractive price.

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