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Earin is making a breakthrough in the wireless headset market by offering the smallest earbuds that exist today. But, since size is not what matters, what are the Swedish brand's Bluetooth earphones hiding? The editorial team has tested the new generation earbuds for you.

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Mark : Earin
Category: Wireless earphones
Connection: Bluetooth
Compatibility: iOS and Android
Price: € 249
Availability: Available
Tested with: Asus Zenfone 2 Laser

Unboxing of Earins

The Earins are offered in a rectangular cardboard box. The whole is white and sober, a photo of the headphones appears in the foreground under the name of the product: EARIN. The particularity of the headphones is indicated at the bottom of the box: no cables, no wires, no distractions. Finally, the Bluetooth logo in the top right corner indicates the compatibility of the product.

On the back of the box, earbuds functionality is indicated, as well as their technical characteristics. The whole is small, and basic in appearance, using neutral colors and writing.

The lower part of the first coating in question is open, to ability to remove second protective box. This already attracts more attention: in wood with the simple white EARIN inscription which stands out. This box splits in half, like a lid, and is kept closed by internal magnets.

The product is then unveiled: the Earin storage and charging capsule, a small cardboard rectangle (containing the spare plugs, the ear stabilizers and the micro USB cable) and the headphones themselves. On the back of the cover, a manual is written in English.

The magnetic closure system and the appearance of the wooden box give a clean set and focusing on the essentials, like the Earin product.

Design and ergonomics

The success of the Earins on Kickstarter comes from their functionality, but also from their design : we have already said, they are small.

20 mm long, 14 mm in diameter for a featherweight of 5 grams. A blow to lose them you will say to me. Well no, Earin has thought of everything! A capsule for both storage and loading is included. The small cylinder is indeed a rechargeable battery in itself, which will also charge your earbuds when you insert them. Double function for the storage capsule.


This looks as simple as the metal packaging, vaguely reminiscent of an electronic cigarette. The Earin brand is listed, while a small LED at the top of the capsule will glow red when the earbuds are charging. The end is equipped with a micro USB connection and a clip to use the capsule as a key ring.

Pull the top of the small cylinder to reveal the location of the two earbuds.


The appearance of the capsule has been clearly thought out for can be master key by allowing the user to always have their Earins with them without losing them. The set is very light and will match perfectly with your keys, or at your desk.


The headphones themselves take the form of small black cylinders. Different plugs are available, to match any type of ear. The brand logo is also present on the outside of the headphones. The initials L and R will let you know which earbud goes left and right.

Earin app

Wireless headphones obviously work hand in hand with a mobile app. The Earin app is free and available on iOS and Android.

Once again a simple but pleasant design with a gray tone like the product, little content is nevertheless available on the Earin app. Fluid, a single menu available at the top left offers an installation guide, settings, a link to technical support and a brief description of the brand.

In the end, due to the lack of features present on the Earins, the application will mainly serve you only pair your earbuds.

Use of Earins

The greatest difficulty experienced in this Review was the Bluetooth device of the earphones with the smartphone. After several unsuccessful attempts, the connection was finally established.

First, you need to recharge your earbuds using the capsule provided. Once charged, the red light will go out, and you can then take the Earins out of their case. Activate the Bluetooth functionality of your smartphone and search for Earins. Once the connection is established, you will need to go to the application to finalize the fitting.

Once the application is launched, it will offer you the unique “start” button to logically start. Afterwards, the app tells you that different sizes of plugs are provided and are useful for avoiding external noise pollution. Which is true, we will come back to this later.

The AppLinker functionality will then find out which Earins are available. Once yours are detected, just connect them.

Done, the application will display in a simplistic but understandable way the various possible interactions.

The creators of the Earin wireless headphones warned: for them, less is more. It’s in this sense that the Earin’s features are not very numerous and are limited to… listening to music. But failing to offer a possibility to play / pause or change music, the Swedish earbuds favor quality to quantity. Because yes, once you put them on, you will find yourself totally cut off from the outside world. The earbuds adapt well to different types of ears thanks to its different plugs available. In addition, “stabilizers” serve as external security for the earbuds to better support in case of sporting activity.

The main application interface shows you the charge level of each headset, the bass boost function lets you… boost the bass. A useful setting because, headphones requires, the bass of the music was not rendered at best. For this Review, the music was listened to with the active bass boost mode, for a better overall rendering.

He is also the balance function, to adjust the volumes of the earbuds, to increase the sound of the left earpiece only, for example. Useful if you share your music with a friend with more sensitive eardrums.

Overall, even with the volume down, the headphones seemed to deliver a little powerful sound. Fortunately, for those wishing to push the volume to the maximum will be able to access in the application settings in the "Gain control" section, allowing boost the volume even more. Otherwise, turn up the sound via your smartphone.

Another possibility: name your earbuds via the "custom name" in order to better find them in the event of a reduction in Earin.

The use of Earins goes no further: they are headphones, and with headphones you listen to music. They are therefore not self-sufficient and must be permanently smart health connected to a smartphone or tablet so you can listen to your favorite melodies.

Let's move on to one of the Earins' major problems: their connection to each other. Indeed, the Bluetooth connection is made between the left earbud and the smartphone. The left listener will then send a connection share to the right listener. Only here, if the sound in the left earbud is impeccable, the right from time to time cuts the music for a second, before reconnecting. In the long run, it can become frankly annoying. But that is understandable considering that the Earins enjoy the privilege of being the smallest earbuds. With that, how to integrate a more powerful Bluetooth connection?

Nevertheless, the ease of movement that they allow remains undeniable a strong point. No wires, no untangling of cables between two metro stations, no tearing of jack plugs when you forget to unplug them.

Despite their status as the smallest wireless headphones on the market, the Earins still seemed visible to us, protruding from the ears even when equipped with their smallest earplugs.

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<p><noscript><img class=Regarding the batteries, the Earins will broadcast your music for 3 hours before having to recharge them. The capsule and the headphones recharge in just over an hour.

Otherwise, their sound quality and the few possibilities available such as the volume control on each earphone make Earin more than acceptable products which should satisfy users. wanting above all to enjoy the freedom of wireless headphones.

Earin against the competition

This is where the battle ends: in the face of competition, Earin no longer follows. Samsung introduced its IconX headphones who immediately positioned themselves as a leader. Indeed, Korean brand wireless earbuds cost 20 € less than the Earins, while offering double their functions.

icon X vs earin

The touch surface on the IconX allows its user to change music, change volume and even take calls ! Useful features for headphones that stand on their own, since 4 GB memory hide in the earbuds, offering the possibility of going out for a jog without your smartphone. Because yes, the IconX are mainly geared towards athletes: an integrated pedometer and frequency counter allow monitoring of sports activity.

Finally, the four color choices offered by Samsung allow a wider aesthetic choice.

The Earins are solid on what they offer. The problem, is that they don't offer much. At least for the moment. For almost the same price, the wireless headset market offers more versatile products. It remains to be seen whether the sound quality of IconX has been sacrificed in favor of its functionality. Because Earin keeps the credit for offer remarkable quality for which your ears will be grateful.


Good points

  • Very good sound quality
  • A useful capsule
  • Efficient design

Negative points

  • Few features
  • A questionable quality / price ratio
  • A hazardous Bluetooth connection

Design & Finishing / Ergonomics – 3.5

Application – 2.5

Features – 3

Use / handling – 3

Value for money – 2


Design & Finishing / Ergonomics : A simple but effective design, a well thought-out capsule.
Application : Simplistic, does its job.
Features : Too few features, but the few proposed are successful.
Use / Getting started : Easy to use once the fitting problems have been resolved.
Value for money : Really too little content for this price.

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