You can have this anti-nausea smart bracelet Reliefband Neurowave

With improved transportation, we are traveling more and more. Fewer boats but more and more planes and soon transport that is still difficult to imagine. But, for many people, a trip is equivalent to nausea, vomiting … in short to a general malaise that is referred to as seasickness, bad air … It is this problem that decided to tackle the company Reliefband Technologies. It has just revealed a bracelet that sends impulses to block nausea, the Neurowave Reliefband.

Electrical impulses

The bracelet, with a design that is both elegant and discreet, acts on the level of the nerve located under the wrist. But it is the one that blocks the stomach nausea in case of appropriate stimulation. Reliefband Neurowave sends pulses of a specific frequency and intensity. Approved by the FDA (Federal Drug Agency), it alters your neuronal activity. This prevents your brain from receiving signals from your stomach that may be nauseating or make you vomit.

The user can adjust the intensity of the electrical pulses. For this, buttons are located on the side of the bracelet. Ten levels of intensity are available against five on the previous models of the brand. The first users to have it tested indicate that they feel better after a few minutes. “The Reliefband Neurowave was developed in response to consumers who told us that they had abandoned the idea of ​​controlling their nausea. Until then, they had to avoid a certain type of situation or activity. They will be able to live their lives without the stress, embarrassment and discomfort that nausea can bring, “said Nick Spring, CEO of Reliefband Technologies.

Reliefband Neurowave can also help pregnant women

The company especially puts forward its bracelet to help travelers. However, it indicates that it can also be used by other categories of the population. “The Reliefband Neurowave will change the lives of the 60 million Americans who suffer from motion sickness frequently, but also the 80% of women who experience pregnancy-related morning sickness,” continues Nick Spring.

Last target audience, followers of virtual reality. They can also experience nausea after wearing a helmet. An area that is clearly poised to grow if these technologies continue to arrive in homes. The different risks of connected objects have already been identified.

If you finally want to get rid of your nausea, the bracelet should be on sale for $ 150.

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