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Razer Enki Pro Hypersense the ultimate gaming chair presented at CES 2022 with haptic feedback, design and superb comfort.

Razer Enki Pro Hypersense the ultimate gaming chair for gamers

Price $1500 (styling estimate) | Razer (United States)

Currently one of the favorite chairs for gamers is the Razer Enki sold between 300 and 450 $ depending on the chosen finish. But the brand specializes in gaming accessories has just presented its next model at CES 2022. The Enki Pro Hypersense, a new generation chair for your gaming setup that adds a haptic motor to its base.

A successful design for total comfort

Composed of two different cushion densities, the backrest of the chair is firmer at the edges, but more flexible in the center to cradle your back, a choice to guarantee very comfortable good support.

The center portions of the chair are upholstered in a plush textured fabric for more refined comfort, while its outer edges are lined in smooth leather to better withstand daily wear and tear.

With the combination of its 100° extended shoulder arches and ultra-wide 22-inch seat base, the chair provides optimal weight distribution for long-lasting comfort during gaming marathons.

The chair’s lumbar curve gently supports your lower back and encourages you to sit in a neutral position, which helps your back feel less fatigued over long periods of time.

It will also be possible to customize the Razer logo on your seat with 16.8 million colors and countless effects to choose from. We could also have special series.

Gaming chair with haptic feedback

Diving into new territory, the upcoming release is intended to add some immersion to more traditional seated gaming sessions. This model, although still in the concept stage, seems to have reached a fairly advanced stage of development and integrates a haptic engine in the base to provide haptic feedback based on what’s happening in-game.

Razer Enki Pro with haptic engine

Admittedly, the concept of the Enki HyperSense is not new, because we had seen a first model presented last year, produced in partnership with the company D-Box.

There are also even more advanced systems for even more extreme immersion such as the Yaw 2 where the Roto-VR. Exclusive armchairs sold between 1500 and 2000 $.

A gaming chair for total immersion

Similar to the D-Box cinema seats that have popped up in recent years, Razer’s Enki Pro HyperSense can do it all:

  • oscillate,
  • vibrate,
  • swing back
  • or you lift 1.5 inches off the ground.

He manages to do this within 5ms of an in-game event, and can send 1G of force through the flesh. At least that’s what Razer claims.

Razer Enki Pro: the best gaming chair 2022?

Thousands of compatible games

Razer announces more than 2200 games compatible with its motorized seat. But also movies and music will be responsive with the Enki Pro.

Thus, Razer specifies some playable titles such as Forza Horizon 5, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or F1 2021.

The manufacturer does not specify whether it will be necessary to program the movement codes yourself with the Game Center software from D-Box.

It should also work with major virtual reality headsets on PC VR games.

Razer Enki Pro Hypersense price and release date

The price has not yet been announced, personally I think we should exceed 1000 dollars

We also do not know the date of marketing, but the official site of Razer already presents the product. It is possible to register with your email to be notified of Enki Pro news.

Razer Iskur X
Razer Iskur X best value for money 2022

The best gaming chairs for VR and accessory kits

In the meantime, and for certainly more affordable prices, you have the brand’s flagship models and some more affordable competitors:

Note that the new Razer chair should also be used for virtual reality games (PCVR).

Thus, there is the motorized base from Yaw 2 (from $1290, still in pre-order). The closest to the Razer Enki pro is the Roto-VR sold$2290).

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