QuietOn Sleep – earplugs that cancel out the sound of snoring

Nothing worse than being awakened by snoring. But thanks to QuietOn Sleep, this situation will soon be just a bad memory. I'll explain how!

QuietOn Sleep are earplugs that cancel out the sound of snoring. They were designed by former Nokia engineers. Their operation is simple: they use active noise cancellation by focusing on blocking low frequency sounds.

QuietOn Sleep kiesse balls that cancel out the noise of snoring

Obviously, other products of this kind have already been presented. We think in particular of the product unveiled by Bose or the Sleepbuds. But QuietOn Sleep is differentiated by its ability to process low frequency sounds; below 500 Hz.

To arrive at this result, former Nokia engineers analyzed hundreds of snoring bands, as well as other low frequency noises like car noise on the street or music from your neighbors.

QuietOn Sleep looks like it fits perfectly to the user's ear. They also seem comfortable to wear since these little wireless earphones are covered with a soft foam cushion.

QuietOn Sleep kiesse balls that cancel out the noise of snoring

When not in use, the headphones can be placed in a small carrying case that also doubles as a charging station. Then simply connect it to a wall outlet via a micro USB port. It takes about an hour to recharge them. A recharge allows them to operate for 20 hours; more than enough for one or two nights.

Originally the QuietOn earplugs were launched on Indiegogo in 2016. The company then raised a million dollars. The second generation QuietOn Sleep is 40% smaller than the originals.

If this product interests you, know that it is currently for pre-order from 159 dollars. To find out how QuietOn Sleep works, I suggest you watch the short ehealth below.

[Embed] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x31U8fETq3Q [/ embed]


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