Proscenic T21 review smart fryer with Oil Free

You are looking for a hot air fryer for your kitchen, but you do not know which model to choose. Isn’t the first art of culinary know-how to combine the useful with the pleasant? To reconcile thoroughness and efficiency? In order to reduce your fat intake while maintaining the pleasure of making tasty and comforting recipes, some brands have developed oil-free fryers. This is particularly the case with the Proscenic T21 smart fryer, which even offers a “connected” option!

To help you in your choice, we invite you to discover our test and opinion on this air fryer. This is a deep fryer that is more like an electric oven to use.

Technical characteristics of the Proscenic T21 Smart Fryer

Brand: Proscenic
Power supply: wired
Capacity: 5.5 l
Material: stainless steel
Power: 1700 watts
Dimensions: 31.4 x 31.6 x 32.6 cm
Weight: 5.7 kg
Cooking: hot air rotating 360 °
Connected object: yes
Screen: LED One Touch
Voice assistance: compatible with Alexa
Thermostat: 80 – 205 ° C Price: $130 

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Unboxing your Connected Oil-Free Fryer

Once is not customary, let’s move on to the packaging this time, because there is not much to say about it, since the content is rather sketchy. However, before purchasing this hot air fryer, remember to provide a fairly spacious place to put it (not far from an outlet) or store it. Then, when you take it out of its box, it will be good to spend a few minutes on the leaflet, as important precautions should be observed when using it.

Proscenic T21 unbox
What’s in the box Proscenic T21

  • Proscenic air fryer
  • Removable bowl
  • Dishwasher-safe non-stick basket
  • Recipe booklet
  • User Manual

Oil Free Fryer Design

In truth, the object looks really good, and it will probably keep it, since no oil splash will yellow the surfaces. So you can easily choose to keep it out on your countertop for two good reasons. The first is that an aura of high-tech mystery surrounds the device … Especially with its black screen whose pictograms light up in white or blue. Its stainless steel finishes make the lower part shine. Finally, its massive cube shape with rounded angles seems to promise mountains and wonders! Which brings us to the second reason to display it in your kitchen: you could use it quite frequently, as long as you are familiar with its features.

Recipe booklet and user manual

These two documents are there to guide you, and they actually do it pretty well. The instructions for use must be consulted without fail, as dangerous misuse of the deep fryer is easy. There you will find most of the information on the practices to be banned (using oil anyway, filling the tank too ambitiously, etc.) and on the steps to follow in preparing your recipes. However, we feel that this is a translation, because the French used is quite rigid. As for the cookbook, it is welcome. Indeed, it offers simple and pretty menus, ideal for trying out your hot air fryer. This will allow you to better appreciate its versatility. 

An air fryer controlled by smart apps

The Proscenic T21 is a connected air fryer. One of its best features is the remote control app from your bed or even your sofa. You can do just about anything using the app.

It is thus possible to control the preheating and the planning of the time remaining for your cooking as you wish. You also have the freedom to decide when to start and stop the device, all thanks to the ProscenicHome app. So everyone in the family can choose to independently automate the fryer controls, just using your phones.

For those looking for a practical and automatic kitchen appliance, note that this fryer can also be controlled via the Alexa app. However, if you don’t want to use both of these options, the touchscreen on this Air Fryer can do all the work for you.

A device suitable for diversified menus

The equipment includes 8 pre-programmed menus as well as a personalized menu. This is a little less than mid-range deep fryers, but it will more than meet your daily preparation diversification needs.

If you are lacking inspiration, the ProscenicHome app can provide you with an excellent menu for a wide variety of recipes. Once you’ve prepared the food, setting the button for that recipe in the app will automatically set the appropriate heat and time setting by the app, which is a nice feature.

Overall, the Proscenic T21 is capable of preparing you the most common recipes like fries, shrimps, pizzas, eggs, chickens, fish, steaks and even cakes.

Special design materials

The Proscenic T21 air fryer uses materials that are more durable than most other fryers on the market. In general, commercial oil-free fryers are equipped with non-stick design materials.

This is not the case with this model which uses aluminum combined with a double layer Teflon coating. It is this particularity that makes it much more robust. It is also this specificity that also allows you to clean the accessories in the dishwasher without damaging them.

A combination of 3 in 1 features

Enjoying cooking in a simple way: this is also enjoying the Proscenic T21. Indeed, this device brings together 3 functions combined in a single fryer. The advantage is that you can combine them according to your preparation needs.

No need to operate during preparation since everything is done automatically: choose the menu, time the fryer according to the dish to be prepared, but also choose the keep warm function, all thanks to temperature ranges that can oscillate between 77 ° C and 205 ° C.

Well thought-out security options

This kitchen equipment is provided with a protection mechanism and a memory function for more safety in its use.

This way, if you happen to remove the basket from the fryer when the fryer is on, you will not risk getting burned. This is because the device will shut down instantly. To resume cooking where it was, simply place the basket back into the cabin.

It is a deep fryer that stops by itself after cooking. In addition, it leaves no smell of frying or cooking.

Precautions to be taken before using Proscenic T21

When using the Proscenic T21, be aware that this fryer requires over 6 ” of free space on the sides, top of the fryer and back to function properly.

We also recommend that you do not touch the air outlet when the fryer is on. Likewise, as much as possible, avoid touching the device’s control screen when your hands are wet, as this may damage it.

Once you have finished cooking, the fryer will tend to release heat within 20 seconds of the end of the cooking program. Be sure to wait for this time before handling the device otherwise you risk getting burned.

Cooking without oil with the Proscenic Hot Air Fryer

We have chosen two recipes that involve very little preparation: one salty and one sweet. They were simple sweet potatoes (try it with paprika!) And plantin banana fritters (don’t skimp on the vanilla flavor, even a little rum…). The icons on the screen give you access to pre-recorded programs for cooking certain basic foods (chicken, chips, vegetables of all kinds, cakes, fish, etc.), with a set time and temperature, and which can be changed manually. There is a preheating mode and a “keep warm” mode. Both can come in handy.

Preparing the Bowl of your Oil-Free Fryer

First of all, the manual explains to you that it is necessary to wash the non-stick basket for the first time before its first use. You can do it by hand or put it in the dishwasher (take the opportunity to remove the plastic plate that protects the bottom of the tank). To do this, pull the handle towards you by pushing hard with your thumb on the small translucent lever. He resists a little; it’s a helping hand. Once the bowl has been separated from the rest, press the black button located under the lever you have just activated. The operation is not quite smooth at first, but we got used to it. Plus, the set is super easy to put back on! Plug in your deep fryer and leave about six inches of space on each side, as it gives off hot air.

Proscenic T21 cooking Preparing the Bowl of your Oil-Free Fryer

Cooking Food for Frying

The first important thing to note: the fryer stops as soon as you open the bowl, thus reducing the risk of burning yourself. So here’s how to do it!

Display LED screen

To activate one of the three modes (preheat, cook or hold heat), you must first choose your program. Then you adjust the time and temperature if necessary, before pressing the “play / pause” icon. The time remaining will be displayed automatically, in which the machine will emit a rather hoarse, yet unbearable buzz. In any case, avoid touching the screen with wet hands: this could damage it.

What efficiency without oil?

Do not hesitate, if you are making fries, to take out the basket and shake it from time to time to even out their crispness. It takes longer to do than with a traditional deep fryer, but the result is there: the convection heat gives a soft texture inside the potato. Your kitchen doesn’t smell of frying, but the T21 leaves a warm and comforting scent. For donuts, it is better to have a dough that stands on its own, so that it does not run through the holes in the basket. Above all, let the machine cool down well before touching or moving it!

Tasting of Products Cooked in the Oil-Free Fryer

First, a good point: both experiences are successful. However, the verdict is unanimous: the food is, of course, cooked to perfection, but not at all fried. However, to “fry” the dictionary suggests: “cook by plunging into a bath of boiling fat”. Hot air fryers are therefore in reality halfway between a mini-oven and a cooker; the Proscenic T21 oil-free fryer is no exception.

Proscenic Home App Reviews

You can choose to view your recipes and order your fryer from your smartphone. On paper, we like it. However, we encountered four issues in this regard:

  • It’s pretty pointless all the time you spend in the kitchen. When your hands are dirty, opening the app instead of directly manipulating the object next to it is counterintuitive. Anyway, if you don’t have anything else to watch out for, you can activate the preheating from the sofa;
  • The application takes a bit of time to install. You have to register, then connect the fryer to a Wi-Fi (if you are on a router, it does not work), go through a number of steps … even if that’s reasonable;incomprehensible, but it always gives a bad impression!
  • Few recipes are available on the app; to record new ones, you have to do it manually …

However, everything works perfectly: from checking the fryer to consulting the recipes. In addition, the app is compatible with many other Proscenic products.

Why invest in a T21 Proscenic Hot Air Fryer?

First, because it is relatively inexpensive for the performance it offers. Its LED display has a very intuitive interface, and the menus offer precise cooking of a variety of foods. Also, the basket is big enough for five people, which already makes a lovely family. Second, because it can really inspire you to cook better, which saves you time. Multiple recipes listed in the booklet and on the app will serve as a basis. It spares you the stubborn odors of many dishes, dishes, the humidity of the air rising with the steam … Finally because it cleans up recipes that are too fatty, even if to do so it comes to overuse her name. Either way, it will be perfect for improving your eating habits. As such, it is impossible for us not to refer you to our test of Slow Control intelligent cutlery, cleverly designed to help you eat more slowly!

$129.00 in stock
1 new from $129.00
4 used from $88.77
Free shipping
Last update was on: October 18, 2021 4:36 am


Even though it is a bit bulky, this air fryer sports a pretty design and adds a rich look to your kitchen with its chrome design on the top and in the cooking drawer. For our part, it is a well-designed device overall with beautiful finishes.

In particular, it will be appreciated that the manufacturer of the Proscenic T21 plans to include the energy consumption of the air fryer in the Proscenic Home application. This is extremely useful for tracking the energy consumption of the device on a daily basis.

  • Healthy and versatile cooking
  • Impeccable LED display
  • Safety and ease of maintenance

  • Not very useful application
  • It does not “fri” food


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