How innovative to clean your room?Proscenic 850T vacuum cleaner review

The 850T vacuum cleaner is the next jewel of the Proscenic brand. The latter will thus be added to the large number of high-performance vacuum cleaners already present on the world market. It will be used like other machines by humans to keep their environment healthy. How is this new device Proscenic 850T different from others? 


The technical characteristics of the 850T robot vacuum from Proscenic

The 850 T from Proscenic is a device which has a suction power of 3000 Pa. A driving force which, thanks to these 3 adjustable levels, allows it to ideally meet all your cleaning needs. In order to preserve its stability, this device with an ultra-thin frame (8.5 cm high) is equipped with anti-fall sensors and Vboost technology. Thanks to these features, he is able to avoid obstacles, recognize the nature of the surfaces to be cleaned and use the right suction mode.

Being able to be controlled remotely (Alexia and Google Home) using a WI-FI connection, this machine has several cleaning modes. Apart from its 2 in 1 cleaning system, this Proscenic vacuum cleaner has a large dust container with a capacity of 500 ml. In order to allow you to properly maintain your different surfaces. It was also fitted with a 300 ml electric water tank.

For its use, this technological jewel is designed with a magnetic strip and a 2600 mAh battery that can be charged automatically.

Technical characteristics
Wet cleaning yes
Connected device Yes
Mapping function No
Magnetic tapes (virtual walls) Yes
Height 7.3 cm
Weight 5 kg
Sound level Information not provided
Autonomy 90-120 min
Clean the area selected in the application No

The 850T vacuum cleaner from Proscenic: impressive power

This robot vacuum cleaner from Proscenic develops, compared to what is done on the world market, a very impressive suction power. Indeed, with 300 Pa, the latter allows you to thoroughly clean all kinds of surfaces.

With this power, dusting your floors is an operation that will therefore be very easy to perform. To give you the opportunity to use it optimally, this suction force has been combined with its Vboost technology and different cleaning modes. Together, they are the perfect elements that will allow you to make the interior of your home look great.

The 850T vacuum cleaner from Proscenic: remarkable autonomy

To make this robot vacuum cleaner very practical, its manufacturer has given it 2 hours of battery life. When recharged, its 2,600 mAh battery can therefore serve you for nearly 120 minutes. This will allow you to use its included power to clean all your surfaces, even after a sudden power cut.

This is a remarkable asset that will allow you to always keep the indoor environment of your home free from all forms of dirt. By way of illustration, this autonomy can therefore allow you to quickly clean your carpet or your parquet before the surprise arrival of visitors in your home.

A connected and programmable vacuum cleaner

The Proscenic 850T truly offers the standard that is almost present in any programmable and connected robot vacuum cleaner. Without going into too much detail, the programming modes most commonly found in robot vacuum cleaners are offered by our concerned. We can cite for example the “spot” mode which concentrates the cleaning in a very small area, or the “edge” mode which concentrates the cleaning along the walls. What remains interesting to note is the fact that the 850T offers the wet cleaning mode. Even more amazingly, you can operate it to vacuum and mop at the same time, since it has a water tank separate from its dust container.

It goes without saying that the 850T is programmable, and you can define separate operating hours for it. We still have to provide you with another rather interesting information: the maximum climb height of our robot is 1.5cm. So if you have a thicker stack, our champion might get stuck and not be able to get on it. However, it can detect the presence of carpets and consequently increase its suction power to the maximum.

For connectivity, nothing really remarkable to note: the 850T is a connected device that you can control thanks to the application dedicated to it, or even with Alexa or Google Home Assistant commands.

User reviews

We now move on to the most important part: are users satisfied with the performance of the 850T. But obviously, we’re talking about a Proscenic all the same. As of this writing, there have been 99 returns on our partner’s site, for an average rating of 4.9 / 5. Truly an almost perfect result! Its cleaning was very appreciated, its autonomy and the possibility of controlling it remotely seduced most if not all of its testers. No surprises to be honest with you.


Our opinion on the 850T vacuum cleaner from Proscenic

This technological jewel which will add to the range of vacuum cleaners designed is very efficient. It is indeed endowed with a remarkable suction power that will allow you to clean the different surfaces of your home with just one click. This is an operation that will be even easier with the presence of the many features that it presents. This is the case with Vboost technology.

Compact and stylish, this robot vacuum is not only practical, it is also very intelligent. Thanks to its magnetic strip, your cleaning sessions can indeed go smoothly. Can be controlled remotely, it is also very handy. This ease of use will allow you to carry out all your cleaning tasks with greater ease.

In terms of robustness, the 850 T from Proscenic is second to none than other robot vacuums in its class. In fact, with its anti-fall sensors, you can use it for very long periods of time and without any difficulty. In addition, we also note that this robot vacuum cleaner is light and very easy to maintain. These are impressive capabilities, which have been bolstered with its superb battery life and auto-recharge feature.

  • Affordable price
  • Offers very high suction power
  • Offers the automatic return function to its charging base
  • Connected device
  • Offers multiple cleaning modes, wet cleaning mode included
  • Virtual walls (magnetic tapes) are included (they allow access to rooms very specific to the robot)

  • Lack of mapping function
  • You cannot follow the robot’s movements using its application

Where to buy the Proscenic 850T vacuum cleaner?

As soon as it is released, the 850T vacuum cleaner from Proscenic will be available first and foremost on its manufacturer’s website (Proscenic). Apart from this web address, you will also be able to purchase it in these usual online stores. The latter can therefore be sold on Amazon.


Proscenic 850T vacuum cleaner

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In addition, you will also have the opportunity to buy this model of vacuum cleaner in all the physical stores of household appliances which are established in your city. This is without forgetting the possibility of having it on ad sites. Reliable and secure, these various means will allow you to have your technological gem at a very affordable price.

Presentation of Proscenic

Proscenic is a company that has existed since 1998. Specializing in the manufacture and marketing of household appliances, the latter initially focused on Japanese brands such as Hitachi and Zojirushi. Today, this firm is one of the largest producers of robot vacuums, cordless vacuum cleaners, and other equipment which are all present on the market.

Respecting the standards in force, the latter has shone through its beautiful works and unique know-how. With the ambition to sell its products more quickly, Proscenic thus created between 2016 and then in 2019 numerous branches in Japan and Germany.

Experienced and very professional, the large team that works for this brand allows it to sell its products in several countries around the world. Choosing Proscenic is therefore opting for durable, efficient and high performance vacuum cleaners.

How reliable is Proscenic brand? The imprint of HT for smart health home


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