Proscenic 820T robot vacuum cleaner review

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The Proscenic 820T robot vacuum is unfortunately unavailable. We recommend, however, that you take a closer look at the Proscenic 850T which is newer and offers better performance at a much more attractive price. This is why it is one of the 3 best Proscenic robot vacuum cleaners of 2021!

Proscenic 850T Wi-Fi Connected Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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If you want to live in a healthy and clean environment, but you don’t have enough time to devote to the household, the 820T vacuum cleaner offered by the Proscenic brand is designed to give you enormous support.

Robust and compact, this robotic vacuum cleaner has high performance and is a perfect ally when it comes to the maintenance of different rooms in the house. Also very easy to use, this device offers remarkable ease of use. Here is a complete zoom on this robot.

2 in 1 robot vacuum

Proscenic 820T robot vacuum cleaner The Proscenic 820T is above all a 2 in 1 robot vacuum cleaner. It therefore vacuums your floors and washes them. So it is not as effective as if you were mopping the mop but it is able, by moistening the floor, to loosen dust or small everyday stains.

For this, it is equipped with a 350 ml water tank and a small mop on the underside of the device. It is also equipped with a dust container with a capacity of 400 ml.

The Proscenic 820T robot vacuum cleaner does not suck and wash at the same time as some high-end appliances can. You must therefore change the place of the container or the collector when you want it to suck or wash.

The Proscenic 820T vacuum cleaner has sensors that make it able to avoid obstacles such as furniture or chairs. These sensors also warn him when he is near a staircase. The vacuum sensors therefore prevent it from falling down the stairs.

Efficient and connected

Proscenic 820T The Proscenic 820T isn’t the smartest we’ve tested but it does well with near-perfect whole-house suction. It is not equipped with a laser range finder but it is able to map the room it is in for optimal suction.

During our test of the Proscenic 820T we appreciated its suction performance.

It has 3 different cleaning modes to select depending on the floor it vacuums (hard, carpet, etc.) and how dirty it is. The Proscenic 820T has no trouble vacuuming carpets deeply. He is also able to climb on mats with a height of 1.5 cm.

If our opinion of the Proscenic 820T is positive, it is also because it is a connected robot vacuum cleaner. Thanks to its iOS and Android compatible application, you can control it from your smartphone or tablet. The application allows you to turn it on, to program it to work in your absence, for example, to see the status of its battery or to select the cleaning mode.

The Proscenic 820T robot vacuum cleaner is compatible with Alexa. So you can tell it to go recharge, start suction, or stop.

And finally, it comes with a magnetic border that you have to place yourself on the ground in order to demarcate the areas that you don’t want the Proscenic 820T to go to.

Autonomy and filtration

The Proscenic 820T is equipped with a 2500 mAh Lithium-Ion battery. It is a battery that has a long life and a shorter charging time. Its autonomy? About 100 minutes.

During our test of the Proscenic 820T we therefore found its autonomy to be correct and sufficient to vacuum several parts.

We also liked that the Proscenic 820T returns to its base on its own when it’s time to recharge. So you don’t have to worry about its autonomy and put it on its base while it charges. Its charging time is approximately 5 hours.

In terms of the filtration of the Proscenic 820T, it is ideal. It is indeed equipped with a HEPA filter. It will therefore capture up to 99% of allergens for a much healthier exhaust air, which is ideal for people with asthma. The filter is easily cleaned by simply running it under water. You receive an additional HEPA filter to replace it when needed.

Design, use and dimensions

Proscenic 820T test Like most robot vacuums, the Proscenic 820T is round in shape. This is a device that we found quite compact in our review of the Proscenic 820T.

With a height of only 7.6 cm, it can fit anywhere and especially under furniture. Vacuuming under a bed for example will not cause him any problems. Its shape also allows it to effectively vacuum the corners and contours of furniture.

The Proscenic 820T is a really simple robot vacuum to operate. There are several solutions available to you for this. You can do this in particular from the ProscenicHome application.

But nothing prevents you from using the remote control that comes with the vacuum cleaner or from easily controlling it from the buttons on the top of the Proscenic 820T. As for the change between the container and the dust collector, it is also done without difficulty.

Review: our opinion on the 820T

The Proscenic 820T robot vacuum cleaner is a dual-function robot that not only sucks, but also cleans very efficiently. Equipped with a dust container with a capacity of 400ml and a runtime of approximately 100 minutes, this device allows you to clean several rooms without the slightest effort. It is a vacuum cleaner that can easily be controlled either by remote control or by an application designed for this purpose.

The 820T robot with its automatic recharging system and excellent autonomy is a remarkably comfortable device that will really simplify your life.If you are looking for a powerful, autonomous and practical robot vacuum cleaner, please note that our opinion on the Proscenic 820T is positive. It offers appreciable qualities, is robust, goes everywhere, programmable and above all, efficient.

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Proscenic 820T robot vacuum cleaner review
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