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Tesla BioHealer for Pets


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With Tesla BioHealer for Pets, you may give your favorite animal friend Life Force Energy!

Life Force Energy, which has been shown to replenish and repair cellular health, is a natural, safe, and necessary option for overall wellbeing.

Our simple-to-use gadgets produce a pure Life Force Energy field, which has resulted in health breakthroughs for over 20,000 users, including pets of all shapes and sizes!

Product Reminder:

The style and appearance of Tesla BioHealers for Pets may change during final production.

Product Information:

2 pound weight Each one measures 4 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches in height.

Tesla BioHealing, Inc. in Milford, DE proudly created and manufactured this product in the United States.

How To Use

Tesla BioHealing technology is activated and ready for usage. It’s as simple as placing Tesla BioHealing devices near the user!

For optimal outcomes, keep the device(s) as close to the afflicted region as possible for at least 8 hours every day. Excellent for use when sleeping!

Over-the-Counter (OTC) medical devices certified with the FDA are not indicated for pregnant women or children under the age of five.

Tesla BioHealer for Pets Reviews

“Excellent results, highly recommended, fast shipping, high quality, dependable service, extremely powerful positive healing lifeforce energy with visible and time-bound outcomes!
I highly suggest the Tesla biohealer for both humans and animals.”

“I’ve had the pet biohealer for just over a month and there have been no tremors!”

“For my daughter’s canines, I bought a Tesla BioHealer for Pets. She owns two Chihuahuas, one of whom is blind and the other deaf. Both had indications of extreme anxiousness and were too energetic while feeding, with one collapsing and injuring herself. They are senior canines who required assistance. I bought a BioHealer for them and found that after a few days, both dogs were calmer around feeding time.

Both had arthritis, and one was born with some paw and body malformations. She would also act as though she was in pain when lifted up and exhibited less discomfort after resting near to the BioHealer for the most of the day. I was so pleased with the improvements I observed with her dogs that I purchased one for each of my five rescue dogs. “

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Tesla BioHealer for Pets
Tesla BioHealer for Pets


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