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CLMBR Connected Plus Bundle Indoor Fitness climber machine Whole Body Strength

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The CLMBR delivers an exhilarating and effective cardio and strength full-body workout that will revolutionize your training routine and enable you to accomplish more in less time. It is the machine that is built to move with you and is optimized for every workout, for every body. With connected technology and a skillfully built, space-saving design, this top-tier full-body resistance strength and high intensity cardio machine gives an unbeatable workout. CLMBR Connected is designed to accommodate practically all indoor areas, measuring 7 feet 4 inches tall and less than 3 square feet (any ceiling over 8 feet). Without putting strain on your joints, CLMBR takes advantage of your natural, upright body position to concentrate on total-body strength and cardiac effectiveness.

CLMBR Connected Plus Bundle Indoor Fitness climber machine Whole Body Strength

Immersive workouts that involve over 86 percent of your body’s muscles allow you to do leg day, arm day, and same day. The ergonomic handles on the CLMBR are gradually adjustable, allowing you to choose your exact fit and grip position, while the oversized textured foot pedals provide secure stability for your feet when climbing. CLMBR has a big format 21.5″ touch display with high clarity and a powerful built-in sound system, as well as the ability to connect your own Bluetooth-enabled devices such as phones, activity trackers, and wireless headphones.

Jump on and direct your own workout, or select from a limited number of free pre-programmed guided climbs that vary in length and style (HIIT, interval, low body concentration, etc.) and provide stats to direct you through the workout (stroke length, resistance, tempo, etc.). Additionally, CLMBR offers a $39.99 monthly subscription service that gives users full access, around-the-clock, to on-demand classes taught by top fitness professionals with real-time performance feedback, audio-only motivational guided workouts, and community climbs with captivating high-res animations that simulate climbing well-known peaks, monuments, and landmarks. Burn more calories than with conventional exercises by engaging your body’s muscles like never before. CLMBR is the new moniker for efficiency.


CLMBR Connected Indoor Fitness

CLMBR Connected Indoor Fitness

TRANSFORM YOUR FITNESS ROUTINE: CLMBR is a great full-body resistance strength and high intensity cardio machine with linked technology in a smartly constructed, space-saving design. CLMBR is designed to accommodate practically any indoor space, standing at 7-foot-4 and less than 3 square feet. When not in use, the CLMBR’s premium caster wheels allow it to slide gently out of the way.

SCIENCE BACKED: A machine designed to move with you. Maximized for every workout and body type. The revolutionary design of the CLMBR takes advantage of your natural, upright body position to focus on full-body strength and cardiac efficiency without putting strain on your joints. A whole-body, low-impact workout that burns more calories in less time than cycling, rowing, and running can help you get more results with better efficiency.

EFFECTIVE WORKOUT IN LESS TIME: Immerse yourself in immersive workouts designed just for your body. CLMBR is designed to deliver a full-body workout that activates over 86 percent of body muscles, allowing you to get more done in less time. Everyone has a busy schedule; some days you have more than an hour to devote to fitness, while others you only have 15 minutes. With a wide range of CLMBR workouts available, you may find something to suit your needs at any time and from any location.

HIGH-DEFINITION DISPLAY, AUDIO, AND BLUETOOTH: The powerful built-in sound system and 21.5″ HD touch display will completely immerse you in the climbing class experience. The adjustable screen provides an optimal viewing angle that is free of obstructions. Wi-Fi upgrades bring you the most recent software and features, as well as new class releases, badges, friend requests, and other goodies. Connects to other Bluetooth-enabled devices including phones, fitness trackers, and headphones.

CONNECTED PROGRAMMING: Workout freestyle or select from a collection of free pre-programmed guided climbs that vary in duration and style, with suggested metrics to lead you through the climb. A $39.99 monthly subscription unlocks extra material like on-demand courses conducted by world-class fitness instructors with real-time performance feedback, audio-only motivational guided exercises, and community climbs that simulate climbing renowned peaks and monuments.

TEXTURED FOOT PEDALS AND ADJUSTABLE HANDLES: Ergonomic and gradually adjustable handles provide a bespoke fit. Handles adjust in 1-inch increments and offer three grip positions: over-hand, under-hand, and neutral. Foot pedals that are oversized and textured create a firm base, keeping you safe and secure as your feet never leave the pedals throughout a climb. Over-the-foot straps are not required.

DISTINCT RESISTANCE SETTINGS: Discrete resistance settings allow you to tailor your climb and stay on pace during group lessons. Instructor-led classes will assist you in determining your benchmarks.

SINGLE WIRED CONNECTION: Unlike other connected fitness devices, CLMBR uses a single cord system, which keeps your area clean and neat. The cord connection is simple to unhook and coil up for storage.

BUILT TO LAST: The use of extruded aluminum provides for a sturdy yet lightweight construction. CLMBR promotes the human body’s natural athletic posture.

OPERATIONAL QUIETNESS: Smooth functioning is provided by steel strengthened belts and high-quality ball bearings. Critical parts are easily accessible, making preventative maintenance simple.

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CLMBR Connected Plus Bundle Indoor Fitness climber machine Whole Body Strength
CLMBR Connected Plus Bundle Indoor Fitness climber machine Whole Body Strength


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