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CLMBR Connected Base Bundle – The world’s first vertical climber with on-demand classes

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  • The Base Bundle Includes:
      • CLMBR Connected Machine
      • MEMBERSHIP 30 Day Free Trial
  • All purchases include 12 month limited warranty.
  • Delivery, Assembly, Membership, accessories and extended warranty added and paid separately.
  • Delivery Estimate: Most purchases currently ship within two weeks! For some places, delivery may take up to four weeks. Order right away to guarantee CLMBR delivery!
  • Dimensions: Base- 35″ x 32″ / Height- 88″
  • Weight: 180 pounds


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CLMBR Connected Base Bundle is a vertical climbing machine that is both ergonomic and innovative. It’s the first vertical climber with a large-format touch display and instructor-led lessons on demand. CLMBR’s patent-pending design is high-quality, requires little maintenance, and is easy to relocate, making it ideal for business or at-home use. The machine is visually appealing, with an open structural design that allows the user’s views to be unhindered, promoting a natural athletic stance. It also features cutting-edge user interface technology and a cutting-edge companion app that offers on-demand climbing sessions and displays crucial metrics to maximize the user’s experience, such as climbed vertical feet and exercise targets met.

CLMBR Connected’s integrated audio can fill any room, giving the impression that you are taking a climbing class in a climbing studio. CLMBR provides a full-body strength and cardio training, in contrast to conventional fitness equipment. CLMBR is safe for most ages and levels of skill due to its minimal impact and ergonomic movement.

CLMBR will unveil the world’s first vertical climber with on-demand classes and an integrated big format display in August 2020. CLMBR Connected brings the efficiency and excitement of instructor-led fitness courses to users wherever they go. Climbing is a low-impact, full-body workout that burns up to 60% more calories than cycling, rowing, and jogging. Simply change the level of resistance to achieve the ideal combination of cardio and strength training.

Hundreds of pre-recorded fitness sessions delivered by our top teachers, including strength training, bootcamp, yoga, pilates, stretching, and more, will keep you connected and interested.Depending on your preferred workout method, music taste, or instructor, select your class using the big format touch screen display. On the machine interface or the iOS/android companion mobile app, you can easily access your profile, workout history, milestones, earned badges, and leaderboards.

CLMBR Connected Base Bundle

CLMBR Connected Base Bundle CLMBR discount code


You will be completely immersed in the climbing class experience thanks to the high definition big format monitor and potent built-in sound system. Never climb alone; you’ll be in close proximity to professional fitness instructors who will lead you through every ascent and encourage you to go higher. Compete in courses and challenges with your friends, examine real-time analytics, climb with other CLMBR members, and see your progress and standings on the community leader board.

The ability to provide a full-body cardio and strength training that safely and effectively engages over 86 percent of muscles sets CLMBR distinct from other “at-home linked fitness devices.” Everyone, from professional athletes to those who are just starting their fitness journey, can benefit from CLMBR Connected.

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CLMBR Connected Base Bundle  – The world’s first vertical climber with on-demand classes
CLMBR Connected Base Bundle – The world’s first vertical climber with on-demand classes


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