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Outdoor activities are widely practiced by nature enthusiasts today, including yoga and rock climbing. However, practicing them requires being comfortable and free to move around.CLOTHES FOR A BETTER WORLD. From the farm to your wardrobe to the factory, prAna clothes is making positive changes in the textile industry.

You are encouraged to ask questions about the clothes you buy, the same way you ask yourself where the food you eat comes from. Together we can change the way clothes are made.

History of the Prana brand

Vital breath in Sanskrit, Prana has always been inspired by this wisdom and closeness to Nature.

The Prana brand is no longer to be presented to climbing and yoga enthusiasts. Founded in 1972 by two enthusiasts of these disciplines, the Californian brand tends to offer quality equipment and accessories, in harmony with nature. Today, she is world famous for her many sporting articles but also her philosophy.

The particularity of the Prana brand

The American brand is renowned for its remarkably comfortable products. The clothing effects are made in such a way that you are in connection with nature. The admiration of the founders of Prana for nature and outdoor sport has given rise to original, natural and unique creations to combine the useful with the pleasant.

Passion for outdoor sport in all its facets

Prana is not just a brand of yoga mats, clothing and accessories of all kinds. This is a company that promotes certain values ​​and convictions, in line with respect for the environment. Its two founders, Beaver and Pam Theodosakis, indeed devote an unwavering attachment to nature conservation. A passion that can be found through their creations but also their support for charities working in this field.

This predilection for wanting to preserve the environment by different means is also reflected in the brand’s desire to offer sustainable products. Bags and portages, headgear and turbans, underwear and tights … all the items offered by the American company have been made to stand the test of time.

Many quality equipment and accessories to discover

Over the years, the brand has developed its know-how to offer today a catalog of products as rich as it is diverse. On the clothing side, there are capris and shorts that can be worn both daily and for sport. The brand has also created many models of trendy t-shirts and shirts, made from materials that are light, breathable and resistant.

Regarding accessories, Prana has several collections of gloves and mittens for the practice of outdoor sports. You can also find a whole range of beanies, headbands, caps, hats, etc. In short, all the essentials for lovers of outdoor activities.

Prana brand products

Prana is a Hindu Sanskrit word which recalls vitality. Prana energy is the source of all movement. Food, energy, environment, all of these meanings are found in the word Prana. The specialty is clothing suitable for climbing and yoga. So the brand’s creations are suitable for many other activities.

The brand offers clothes with a lifestyle and urban design, a way for consumers to combine fashion and sport easily.

PRANA pants

The brand’s women’s and men’s trousers can be worn on excursions, for yoga or for climbing. Some models are re-explored each year. The star models are the Continuum men and Avril women models. Prana is original, ultra comfortable and resistant.

The specifics of PRANA pants

Prana offers a wide range of tights, pants, short pants particularly suitable for the practice of yoga and climbing. Like men’s climbing pants or women’s climbing pants.

The materials used are extremely light, fluid.

The main technologies and materials PRANA pants

The main materials used for tights and pants are:

Recycled Polyester: It is the result of recycling old plastics. Recycled polyester is an environmentally conscious sustainable material.

Organic cotton: Organic cotton has the property of using fewer toxins in its manufacture.

Prana shirts

Women’s t-shirts can be worn on a variety of occasions for travel, yoga or rock climbing. Some flagship models are revisited each year.

The Quinn, Meadow or Dreaming models are recognizable among all the brands thanks to their very aesthetic backs.

There is nothing to say Prana remains beautiful, comfortable and resistant.

Prana T-shirts and shirts specifics

Prana offers a wide range of top, t-shirt and shirt particularly suitable for yoga and climbing.

The materials used are extremely light, fluid. Like all women’s clothing, tops and bras are recognizable thanks to their colors but above all thanks to their very aesthetic backs.

The main technologies and materials and Prana shirts

The main materials used for the fashion of her tops are:

Recycled polyester

It is the result of the reprocessing of plastic waste. Recycled polyester is a very good environmentally conscious material.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is traced and uses fewer pesticides and toxins in its manufacture.

Prana’s environmental commitment

Prana, for many years, has been committed to an environmental plan by using a maximum of natural fibers (organic cotton, linen, etc.), to avoid environmental impacts with the transport of remanufactured products in the USA.

Thanks to the recycling of materials but also to the use of organic fibers, the Prana brand is renowned for its respect and love for nature.

Environment and health on the menu of Prana Organic

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