Population One Season 2 all the news, improvement and video

Population One Season 2 all the new features (weapons, map, shield, number of players) and improvements (area, reloading, speed).

Population One Season 2 all the news, improvement and video

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Since the launch of Population One, the BigBox VR studio has offered many updates improving and increasing the possibilities of its Battle Royal in VR. Result, one of the most played games in virtual reality and a huge French community. After season one comes to an end, comes a new update comes the season 2 on May 13, 2021.

Many additions and improvements that make the game even more dynamic (and a little more difficult).

What’s New in Season 2 Population One: The Frontier

A new Wild Wild West card

The border update features a brand new map on the western theme for fights with a Far-West atmosphere.

“The world falls into two categories, those with a loaded pistol and those who dig. You, you dig ”.

For example, we discover a saloon, a station railway with a bridge above. The modified area is where Cliff-side was located.

In the settings of many barrels are scattered and you can detonate them in order to deal 15 damage to enemies in the immediate vicinity. Be careful, the damage can also affect you.

Pop One S2 Explosive Barrel

Also note that the zone reduction speed has finally been slowed downe. We go from 3.5 m / s to 2.5 m / s. And small bonus, the speed of movement when dead (ghost mode) is a little accelerated.

Details of graffisms are further improved, as is the audio track.

More players per game and 2 new modes

And these shootings are going to get even crazier, as the number of players per match increased from 18 to 24. Thus, it will be necessary to win, not 6 teams, but 7 to finish Top One.

2 New game modes

Even if most of us prefer the “Squads” mode (team of 3 players against 7 other teams of 3 players), BigBox Vr has concocted 2 new modes:

  • Deathmatch, a 6v6 game, the first team to get 20 kills wins.
  • Shoutout, also in 6 against 6, but here the game is done in rounds, it takes 3 to win. This mode seems excellent to me for the next tournaments.

deathmatch shootout mode Pop One S2

Change in interface

In addition, we have the right to the establishment of the private lobby.

But also the reorganization of the Social store, with 3 sub-sections: Spays, titles and maps.

But above all, the addition of a new menu for the tracking statistics dedicated to Season 2.

New weapons

New weapons: 2 pistols (one in each hand)

In Season 1, BigBox VR added melee weapons (knife, saber), as well as the overkill M60. This time it is the arrival of the two simultaneous weapons. So we find the Matadors pistols.

With the season 2 pass you will also get weapon skins.

Quick recharging by wrist movement

The gun alone has 16 bullets, if you use it as a pair, each will only have 8 bullets. Damage increases with each successful shot. The reloading method is also a lot of fun, you have to send the gun to the rear (a kind of reel) like the cowboys of the Wild West used to do. This technique is particularly fast and can also be used on the shotgun (DT11) and the Magnum. This eliminates the need to use the other hand to close the weapon.

Population One Season 2 new weapons

Changes in existing weapons

Some fixes to rebalance the punching power.

  • The damage of AKM are increased from 16 to 17 per hit (as at the start of the game).
  • The M60 sees its recoil increased if you do not hold it with both hands.
  • The Katana disappears, but we keep the knife.
  • The sodas only heal 20 points (but you can put 6 instead of 3 per slot in the bag).

New heals and character skins

New treatments

Population One The Frontier adds theharmonica and one shaker.

By wearing the harmonica in your mouth, you play country music which increases the shield (blue shield).

Pop One Season 2 Harmonica

For the shaker, you have to shake it until the gauge is full before you can drink it and regenerate your shield.

Shaker Population One Season 2

New outfits (skins)

And since this is the Wild West, there is obviously 4 new skins available if you buy the Season Pass 2. You unlock them as you level up.

  • Level 1 : Logan
  • At 15: PJ Ranger
  • Level 35: Hatie Outlaw (I know some who will be fans of this outlaw skin)
  • And finally at level 50: Maeve

Note that the backpack can no longer store 3 similar treatments per pitch, but 6. Campers will love it.

Population One season 2 compatible VR headsets

Season 2 price: free or paid

As with Season 1, you obviously get the update and new options for free. On the other hand, to gain specific skins, names and tags, you will need to purchase the Season Pass 2 in the game.

  • Free without the special prizes (some are still offered).
  • 300 coins to unlock Season Pass 2
  • 1000 coins for Season Pass 2 with the first 15 levels included out of the 50 present.

Join the Facebook group

You like this game, but you are looking for French speaking players, you want to participate in tournaments, to win exclusive prizes, then find the community Facebook Population One France dedicated to the game.

To discover the basics of the game it’s here and Axel’s tips on video:

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