Oclean Supersmart toothbrush leads the era for smart toothbrushes


Oclean recently released the electric Oclean Xpro Elite Supersmart Toothbrushwhich is equipped with a new version of the OS operating system, ultrasonic technology for noise reduction and wireless fast charging technology for mobile phones. Their technological innovations made Oclean the leader of the smart toothbrush era.


Toothbrush cleaning power is an important aspect of the improvements in the Oclean Xpro Elite. So far, the operating volume of electric toothbrushes from leading brands has worsened the customer experience. To improve this experience for the user, Oclean developed the innovative ultrasonic noise reduction, a silent technology that suppresses the generation of noise. With the help of 20,000 Hertz (Hz) ultrasonic frequency control, the audio frequency exceeds the human hearing range and keeps the noise level of the electric toothbrush below 45 decibels (db). This technology is the first of its kind in the industry. Oclean’s new super smart electric toothbrush Xpro Elite is equipped with WhisperClean 2.0 technology, which ensures that the volume of the toothbrush always remains below 45db, but at the same time improves the general cleaning power. If you don’t see the brush head swaying back and forth after turning on the Oclean Xpro Elite, it’s hard to tell that the toothbrush is already in use and the noise dampening effect is very noticeable.



The improved cleaning power is also a core element of the Oclean Xpro Elite. The exclusive magnetic levitation motor from Oclean can reach a speed of 42,000 revolutions per minute (rpm) and thus provide sufficient power for dental care. Oclean has also removed the brush head. The DuPont diamond bristles of the Oclean Xpro Elite remove plaque that is deep between the teeth and improves cleaning by 15% compared to conventional round bristles. The amount of bristle implantation in the brush head has been increased by 26%. The Oclean R&D team extended the sweep of the brush head to 6 millimeters (mm). With all these detailed optimizations, the plaque removal of the super smart Oclean Xpro Elite toothbrush reaches 300%.


It is not enough to optimize the technical aspects of a product. Interactivity, the design of the accessories and the appearance are also crucial.

Oclean added an automatic wake-up feature to the Xpro Elite that starts the toothbrush as soon as you pick it up. The screen then lights up and you can start dental care with just one push of a button. The design of the Oclean Xpro Elite is stylish but also practical. The design concept is based on natural stone elements. The body is matt and gray, which gives users a varied feeling when looking at and touching. In addition, it is waterproof according to IPX7 standards and can therefore be cleaned easily. To make storage easier for users, the Oclean Xpro Elite is equipped with a magnetic wall bracket. The toothbrush can be stowed away on the wall using the magnet, so it doesn’t take up any space in the bathroom and doesn’t leave any water stains on the wall.

More versatile

The super smart electric Oclean Xpro Elite toothbrush adopts the wireless fast charging technology of the highest quality mobile phones and integrates some technical advantages. The charging process for the toothbrush only takes 3.5 hours, making charging cheaper and more efficient for the user.


The super smart electric Oclean Xpro Elite toothbrush has the functions of the smart recording technology of the Oclean Smart Toothbrush series. This technology uses a pressure sensor, a six-axis gyroscope and a chip in the toothbrush to record and then analyze fusion algorithms, postural details and statistical data that inform the user about his or her dental care habits. This helps users to be more efficient when brushing their teeth and prevent them from neglecting their dental care. There is an LCD touchscreen on the body of the toothbrush, which uses model graphics to show the user the collected data in order to inform the user about possible improvements in dental care at any time. In addition, the Oclean Xpro Elite is equipped with the brand new OS system. A mobile app is used to synchronize additional data and collect results. The independently collected data of the toothbrush in connection with the cloud data offer the user a completely new smart experience.

oclean toothbrush packaging


In addition to the function of recognizing neglected areas when brushing, the Oclean Xpro Elite supports the adaptation of a personalized dental care plan in the app. Starting with oral health, the app is geared towards the prevention of oral diseases, tailored to the condition of the user’s teeth and their eating habits, and finds a suitable professional dental care plan. For various oral diseases, the app also supports the creation of their own plans by the user.

The super smart electric toothbrush Oclean Xpro Elite is officially on sale on eBay between April 6th and April 20th. The price during the promotion is € 59.99. Using the voucher code “PAUKENSCHLAG”, a 15% coupon can also be redeemed on eBay: The final price is € 50.99. After the event, the price will rise again to the daily price of € 59.99. (Similar products from other brands are sold for more than 90 euros)

Advantages of the premiere:

04/06 – April 20th In the eBay shop “xiaomi_global store” you can enjoy the following advantages :

1. During the period from 06.04. until April 20th: 2 free toothbrush heads per order
2. From April 6th until April 8th 30 happy shoppers are randomly selected every day to order for free
3. From April 9th ​​to April 15th, we select 10 random buyers every day, whose order is free
4. From April 16 until April 20th we make 5 buyers happy every day with a free order – here too: random selection!

As a super smart electric toothbrush, the Oclean Xpro Elite also has all the standard features of other toothbrushes, such as automatic frequency reduction and a 30-second reminder to brush, to help users care for their teeth more effectively.

The super-smart Oclean Xpro Elite electric toothbrush is designed to provide users with a quieter, cleaner, more friendly and versatile brushing experience. It will definitely bring more breakthrough surprises to the electric toothbrush industry!



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