noise-canceling true wireless for 50 euros, a good deal?


What can we expect from a pair of headphones true wireless less than 50 euros? Especially when the manufacturer Realme, known for its smartphones, announces that they benefit from an active noise reduction? This is what we will see with the Review of the Buds Air 2.

These headphones look great when you take them out of their charging case. We liked their shape and two-tone design (white / silver or dark blue / black). Let’s choose the right size of eartip (three pairs are provided) and place them easily, thanks to their rod, in our ears: they hold perfectly and are comfortable to wear. IPX5 certified, they easily resist perspiration.

Very easy to pair on Android

Bluetooth pairing is conventionally carried out on Apple devices while Android models are favored. This is because Google’s Fast Pair function automatically detects the headphones when you open the charging case for the first use. The Buds Air 2 is controlled by touch zones that are placed at the top of each rod. They are perfectly responsive, but it is a pity that it is not possible to adjust the volume.

Satisfactory sound quality

It’s time to take the listening Review with our different reference songs (jazz, classical, techno, RnB, rock). The Buds Air 2 deliver a clear and precise sound, but a bit dry and lacking in warmth, due to lack of bass. The frequency response curve confirms our listening verdict with poor bass reproduction. The sound is focused on the mids, with a little treble (up to around 10,000 Hz).

As for the active noise reduction (ANC), it does a fair job of filtering out the most disturbing sounds, but is far less effective than that of the AirPods Pro, Apple or Enco X, Oppo. It is possible to activate a Transparency mode using the touch controls to hear those around you without having to remove the headphones. The change of mode is indicated by voice messages in English, much more understandable than sound signals.
Small practical detail: when you remove one of the headphones from your ears, the music stops and the other automatically switches to Transparency mode.

Average autonomy

Are the Buds Air 2 durable? According to our measurements, their autonomy is 4 h 28 minutes with active noise reduction, which is average for this type of headset. By disabling the ANC we go to just over 5 hours. According to the manufacturer, the charging case offers 20 additional hours. It recharges wired with the supplied USB-C to USB-A cable.

Buds Air 2

Many manufacturers offer an application that adds additional functions to the headphones, and this is indeed the case with Realme. Except that the iOS version is currently incompatible with the Buds Air 2. You must therefore use the Android version to see what functions are offered.
In addition to controlling the ANC, the Realme Link app has an equalizer, which is unfortunately limited to three modes, one of which is for boosting the bass. It does not have a custom sound setting.

On the other hand, you can modify the behavior of the touch controls (touch twice, three times and for a long time). But the volume control is unfortunately not offered in the available options.
The Realme Link app also allows you to activate the Games mode which, according to the manufacturer, reduces the latency to just 88 ms. We have observed, however, that its contribution is far from obvious. For example, it is totally useless for watching movies or TV series. Knowing that it consumes more battery, we recommend activating it only if you notice a latency problem that prevents you from enjoying the games on your smartphone or tablet.


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