New Sony Smartwach with NFC & Android this week

At the Mobile Asia Expo 2013 beginning on June 26th, Sony is to present a new smartwatch. According to current information, the third generation of Sony smartwatches will be a major update to the manufacturer’s last smart health watch – and may work completely independently.

A few days ago, Sony distributed initial indications of the upcoming announcement of a new Smartwatch via Twitter. The manufacturer will shortly be presenting them at the Mobile Asia Expo 2013. CNET has now learned some interesting information about the third generation of Sony’s smart health watch from well-informed sources.

The next Sony smartwatch will have a larger display than its predecessor – the current model has a 1.3-inch OLED display with a resolution of 128 × 128 pixels. According to the latest information, there will be three haptic Android control buttons below the screen, as known from smartphones. This should mean the typical Android on-screen buttons, which are actually not below, but at the bottom of the display. This already indicates the biggest innovation compared to the previous version: Android is to be used as the operating system. CNET writes that this would also be the case with the predecessor, but this is not correct. Sony’s current smartwatch does not run with Android as the operating system, but is only Android-compatible. This means that it only works in conjunction with an Android smartphone or tablet. Without a direct connection to another mobile device, Sony’s current smartwatch can only be used as a watch.

Every third smartphone user wants a smart health watch, according to Sony.

We recently reported about the GEAK Smartwatch, which also works independently, has its own operating system and is not just a disgraceful extension of the cell phone. This is what the future of intelligent wristwatches should look like – in the future, smart watches will no longer just be “empty cases”, but can also be used without a smart health connected mobile phone. It is therefore not surprising that Sony, as one of the pioneers in the field of smartwatches, is equipping the third generation of its wrist gadget with more independence and its own operating system. According to CNET, the new Sony Smartwatch will not only have its own brain, but will also offer NFC and be waterproof to a certain extent.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the idea of ​​a smart health watch, which Sony has not implemented so badly in my opinion with the current smartwatch. The biggest point of criticism is the low display brightness, which unfortunately makes the gadget practically useless in some situations – a point that has hopefully been eliminated in the third generation of smartwatches. But even as a fan, I can understand that one or the other question is whether you even need such a gadget. Fabi and Daniel have already dedicated a TechDuell to this question.






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