Nevo: the minimalist smart health connected watch


Nevo is a project Indiegogo of a smart health connected watch in a classic 40 mm diameter stainless steel case.

Taking more or less the principle of Withings Activity, the Nevo has a series of LEDs on its entire dial, made of synthetic sapphire glass, which are assigned to the hour bars and minute points. In order to measure your activity for the day, these LEDs light up to indicate the percentage of success of your goals (number of steps, distance, calories burned, etc.). The watch is waterproof, it has a Swiss clock system as well as a notification system using a vibrator to signal the reception of calls or SMS. Its autonomy is 5 years for the watch part and 6 months for the activity tracker. The Nevo is obviously paired with an iOS or Android application via Bluetooth 4.0 LE.

The Nevo is available on indiegogo for $ 199 with availability announced in March.

20141118193617 -_- 01

The nevo watch – Time in motion from NevoWatch we Vimeo.



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