Nest Hub 2 – Release Date, Features, Specs

Google just unveiled the Nest Hub 2. The company launched the original Nest Hub smart display – formerly health home Hub – in 2018. The Google Assistant-enabled 7-inch device was later followed by the Nest Hub Max plus big in 2019; featuring a larger screen and the addition of a Nest Cam.

Three years having passed, it’s not surprising to see Google announce a successor to the Nest Hub. The current Nest Hub is still a great device, but the second generation adds several improvements and features; although it retains a very similar design.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Google Nest Hub 2.

Nest Hub 2 release date and price

The second generation of Google’s Nest Hub will be available for pre-order from March 16, 2021. It will be available online in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, France and Australia on the Google Store and others. retailers.

The Nest Hub 2 will cost $ 99.99, which is lower than the launch price of the original Nest Hub. The larger Nest Hub Max costs 229 euros.

Nest Hub 2 design

The original Nest Hub has a 7-inch floating screen that sits on a fabric-covered oblong speaker base; and the Nest Hub Max shares this design but on a larger scale.

The Nest Hub 2 retains the same design as its predecessor. Which again means a fabric-covered speaker base, a camera-less 7-inch floating screen, and volume controls, as well as a physical microphone mute button on the back of the screen. Slight improvements have been made over the original Nest Hub, however; with the absence of a rim on the edge of the screen, which allows a more homogeneous finish and easier to clean.

The color options for the second generation of the Nest Hub are Chalk, Charcoal, Sand, and Mist.

Material and specifications

While the design of the Nest Hub 2 hasn’t changed much, the hardware has been improved; as you might expect. According to Google, the audio quality has been improved. Which isn’t surprising given that Google has made a few audio quality updates to the Nest Mini as well. The second generation of the Nest Hub is said to have 50% more bass than the original.

There would also be three far-field microphones on board instead of the two offered in the original Hub. Which would put it on par with the Nest Mini and Nest Audio, which both offer three far-field microphones.

Google’s Soli radar chip is also built into the Nest Hub 2. This is the biggest hardware upgrade because it can not only be used for Quick Gesture controls, like the Nest Hub Max, but without the need for a camera, but it can also be used for the Sleep Sensing sleep tracking function.

The second generation Nest Hub also has Thread radio on board; which is similar to Zigbee – a communication protocol used for smarthome devices found in some Amazon Echo devices. Thread will make it easier to control compatible smart health home devices using the Nest Hub. This technology is also present in the Nest Hub Max.

Features of Nest Hub 2

As mentioned, the Nest Hub 2 comes with Google’s Soli radar chip on board; which is found in the Google Pixel 4 and 4 XL. It can also be found in the Nest Thermostat.

Sleep tracking

The integration of the Soli chip will allow users who place the 2nd generation Nest Hub on their nightstand to track their sleep. It will follow the movements and breathing of the person closest to the screen using low energy radar; which will allow the Nest Hub to see how you slept without the person having to wear anything to bed; or that the Nest Hub has a camera.

The sleep detection function will also be able to detect sleep disturbances; such as coughing or snoring; as well as changes in room light and temperature using the EQ ambient light sensor and built-in microphone, which will give you a better understanding of what might be affecting your sleep. Users will then be able to see a summary of their sleep on the Nest Hub screen that morning. The data will also be presented in Google Fit, which is available for Android and iOS users.

After several nights of data, the sleep detection function will provide suitable bedtime; and personalized suggestions for improvement. This will be an optional feature. Then, eventually, Google plans to see how to integrate it into the offer of Fitbit and Fitbit Premium.

Gesture controls

In terms of gesture controls, the Nest Hub Max has gesture controls thanks to its built-in Nest Cam; letting you do things like raise your hand to pause music or Netflix, but the Soli chip and Motion Sense allow similar things in the second-gen Nest Hub without having to add a camera.

In addition, the second generation Nest Hub has all of the same features as the old Nest Hub on its successor; including things like translator mode, the ability to watch Netflix, Disney +, or YouTube. As well as using it as a digital photo frame, seeing weather and news, controlling smart health home devices; and to use Google Assistant of course.


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