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My Magic Carpet washable rugs review -Is this innovative carpet worth It?

Every home and RV will accumulate dirt over time. It can be difficult to clean a normal area rug when it has been unclean due to dirt shoes or spills or accidents. Introducing My Magic Carpet washable rugs.

We don’t think we’ll ever go back to our old washable rugs in our RV. Why? Continue reading to learn how these carpets have made our life easier & healthier, as well as a 20% off coupon code!

My Magic Carpet washable rugs

My Magic Carpet washable rugs

My Magic Carpet washable rugs review

What is my magic carpet?

My Magic Carpet is a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to regular rugs. It’s almost as though our rugs are made of magic! Each rug is composed of non-allergenic, stain-resistant 100% microfiber polyester with a waterproof inner liner and a non-slip, patent-pending webbed back.

There is no need for harsh cleaning methods because you may use your regular mild laundry detergent and fabric softener. And there are many colors and designs to choose from for the perfect look in your health home or RV.

When cleaning my magic carpet, what do you use to clean it?

There are no seams in My Magic Carpet, so it can be washed in your washing machine. It’s also constructed of naturally stain-resistant fabrics. As a result, this rug’s biggest feature is its versatility.

Use your regular laundry detergent instead of expensive rug cleaners. Unbelievably, even a large rug may be washed in a standard household washing machine!

The rug should be washed separately in cold water on a delicate cycle with a mild detergent. A fabric softener is also acceptable and can be used to reduce creases from clothing. Bleach, on the other hand, should not be used.

The carpet should be vacuumed to remove loose debris, hair, and dander before being washed. Rugs can also be cleaned by taking them outside and rinsing them with water in the case of mud or animal accidents. Because My Magic Carpet has a waterproof lining, they’ve been able to be cleaned extremely quickly.

Why You Need An Easily Washable RV Rug

Pets and children are always bringing dirt into the house. Camping brings you even closer to nature…and the dirt. Washing RV rugs should be as easy as possible.

In addition to its small weight, My Magic Carpet is also easily transportable. Since they take up so little space, we personally travel with many rugs. This allows us to swap them out when one of them needs to be washed, for instance. Besides keeping a rug on our RV’s floor, this method also changes the decor in our RV living area on a regular basis.

What Kinds of Rugs Can You Wash?

There are several washable rugs on the market, but My Magic Carpet may be the best. Normal carpets can be washed in a washing machine if they are small enough. After the first wash, they have been known to break apart, fold strangely, or tear.

There are a number of machine-washable rug brands available. Ruggable, ReaLife, Yome, Well Woven, Mylife, Shacos, and HEBE are some of the most popular.

Is it possible for you to tumble dry my magic carpet?

My Magic Carpet can be tumble dried in your dryer. Dry the rug individually on low heat in the machine or let it air dry. To eliminate creases, the business recommends avoiding high heat settings and removing the rug as soon as possible once they finish. Wrinkles can be avoided by laying the carpet out right away.

To get rid of wrinkles, don’t use an iron. To loosen wrinkles, dampen and tumble dry for a few minutes. Your rug will most likely have creases when it is first delivered. Washing it helps, and adding fabric softener helps even more. Alternatively, you can wait for them to flatten on their own for 24-48 hours.

What are the different sizes of my magic carpets?

There are three sizes available for My Magic Carpet: a runner, a small washable area rug, and a large washable area rug. The runner measures 2.5′ broad by 7′ long, the little area rug measures 3′ x 5′, and the large area rug measures 5′ x 7′.

Ideal Sizes for RV Rugs

My Magic Carpet comes in three sizes, all of which are suitable for RV rugs. The runner will fit most hard floor aisle portions, and the tiny size is ideal for living rooms. Even the enormous 5′ by 7′ rug can be accommodated in a larger RV living area.

The 3′ x 5′ and 5′ x 7′ My Magic Carpets were specifically ordered by us. During the chilly months, we like to use the larger size to cover more of our hard flooring in our living room. The little area rug provides just the appropriate amount of coverage and color in warmer climates.

Other Aspects of My Magic Carpet That We Admire

Our My Magic Carpet washable rugs have a lot of great features, but here are two of our favorites:

Rugs that are both pet-friendly and pet-smart

We travel with our dogs, and they occasionally have mishaps. We couldn’t get a deep clean on our rug before My Magic Carpet unless we took it outdoors and had a place to hose, soap, and scrub it. Spot cleaning was effective, but we were always aware that we weren’t getting everything. We also despised the hand-scrubbing.

A waterproof inner liner of My Magic Carpet prevents debris from leaking through to the floor beneath. In addition, the material is stain-resistant. As a result, the entire mess is picked up and thoroughly cleaned before being returned to the floor without cleaning. With numerous rugs, we can put a new, clean rug on the floor right away while the other is being machine washed. For us, this was a game-changer! We shudder at the prospect of returning to non-washable rugs.


We also like the material’s weight. We appreciate how light it feels underfoot, despite the fact that it’s thinner than other carpets and probably less “cushy.” It lays flat and does not slip when walked on. On top of that, they work with moving office chairs.

We may have a variety of colors and shapes onboard our weight-conscious RV because they are lightweight. Changing the mood of a room according to the season or on a whim is fun!

What are the prices of my magic carpets?

Let’s talk about price for a moment. My Magic Carpet 5′ x 7′ Area Rugs are around $150 (with our special discount code “WOW20” you can save 20%!)

At the moment, My Magic Carpet only comes in three sizes: 2.5’x7′ runners, 3′ x 5′ area rugs, and 5’x 7′ larger area rugs.

Is My Magic Carpet Worth It?

For us, My Magic Carpet was a brand-new experience. We were skeptics about washable rugs and how they would hold up to our outside RV life with dogs, but we were proven wrong. A delightful surprise awaits us.

While slightly more expensive than a standard area rug, we believe the convenience of machine washing and the certainty that our carpets have been thoroughly cleaned is worth the extra money.

Do they sound worth it to you? If so, don’t forget to get 20% off when you shop by using code “WOW20” at checkout.

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