Muse EEG headband for health monitoring compatible with VR headsets , smart health device review

Muse EEG headband for health monitoring compatible with VR headset: muscle tension, electrocardiogram, eye movement monitoring, etc.

Muse set to launch VR-enabled EEG headband

Not too long ago We introduced you to the Muse S, a smart health connected headband to help you sleep. The meditation company known for its mental wellness-focused EEG headbands has just revealed plans to enter the virtual reality (VR) market by creating a new EEG headband designed to fit the most popular headsets. popular, including the Meta Quest 2. So there We say congratulations, my two passions united in a product: VR and smart health connected objects. This obviously remains a gadget for many, but We find it very interesting to see VR headset accessories arriving that change straps and other chargers.

Muse headband suitable for VR headsets

What is a Muse EEG headband for VR?

The new VR headband will be designed from Interaxon Inc.’s (Muse’s parent company) second generation EEG headband, the Muse S. However, as of now We don’t have any images of the Muse S-VR headband a show you. The headband is still under development, and is currently scheduled to launch in Q2 2022.

It will feature the company’s four-channel EEG system and biosensing capabilities :

  • GPPthe technique called photoplethysmography (PPG) makes it possible to measure the heart rate on the skin
  • EKGrecords a electrocardiograma plot representing the electrical impulses that cause heartbeats.
  • EMGa sensor that measures the muscle tension
  • and EOG, measures eye movements.

If you’re not very keen on having more sensors to track what your body is doing in VR, then We have a maGood news, because that’s exactly what makes the Muse VR headband. But, this will also be the case with the upcoming Meta helmet known as Project Cambria. This high-end version will come with an array of eye and face tracking sensors. Similarly, the PlayStation VR2 also has an eye tracking system just like the HTC Vive with its add-ons to track your face and body movements. All this to make VR even more immersive and your avatar ready for the Metaverse.

Which VR applications for the Muse EEG headband?

Ahead of the hardware launch, Muse released the VR SDK in beta, supporting Android, iOS, Windows, Unity, and Unreal game engines.

The EEG headband allowsaccess real-time bio-signals from the brain and heart, which is ideal for medical, educational and training applications currently being developed for virtual reality.

Muse has yet to say whether it has found VR SDK partners or teamed up with apps to use the new headband.

However, the idea of meditation and mental well-being in VR is not new, with apps already available for most headsets. And then there is the Long Live FlowHTC’s latest VR device, which has been touted entirely as a way to relax and shut off the world.

And if you become a true JEDI and command items in VR with the power of your mind. When the Muse EEG Headband detects the person concentrating and quieting their mind, their virtual superpowers begin to activate, so a person can now control a power, such as pyrokinesis, using their mind.

But also more useful applications. Imagine paralyzed people, experiencing a virtual world, where they can walk, move their arms and hands. Or even other things, like controlling a virtual avatar in virtual reality. This can also extend to a robotic avatar in the real world, or an exoskeleton.

In this short video, we see a VR headset user analyzed by sensors, his movements are then transcribed taking into account the thoughts of his brain.

A project for the second half of 2022

Muse sees great potential in integrating biosensor data into the Web3 and metaverse, where users seek new ways to improve their mental performance and physical fitness.

“Soon, the widely adopted technology and paradigms we use to control our environment and interact with it – and with others – will change dramatically. Our interactions with the built environment, communication systems, entertainment platforms, transportation systems, social platforms, etc., will all be enhanced by technology that personalizes our experiences by sensing, analyzing, interpreting and adapting our level of arousal, our cognitive state and our mood”Interaxon Chief Scientific Officer Dr. Walter Greenleaf said in a statement..

“Precision analytics driven by biosensors and physiological inputs, in real time, are a key component to delivering immersive digital experiences that are significantly more engaging and personalized.”

The best accessories for Oculus Quest 2 or Meta Quest March 2022

Here We offer you alternative products, often much cheaper and more efficient than the official accessories sold under the Oculus brand. Some of them come directly from Facebook suppliers.

  1. Double foam adjustable comfort strap BOBOVR M2 at €45.99
  2. New comfort strap with removable rechargeable battery BOBOVR M2 Pro to €79.99 (complete presentation)
  3. Face interface with BOBOVR F2 fan (it really works, see the Review) sold around 50 €
  4. Facial interface and foam VR Cover in imitation leather, both comfortable, washable and hypoallergenic for only 29 €.
  5. External battery Anker at 46 € to power the in-game Quest (or your smartphone)
  6. Charging station BOBOVR D2 at 49 € for Meta Quest headset and BOBOVR M2 Pro battery
  7. The charging station and support for headphones and controllers from Anker to €98.
  8. Link cable optical fiber USB-C 3 VR Cover to 59 € in 5 meters
  9. Contact cleaner to maintain the controllers of the Quest 2 at WD 40 Specialist contact (less than 10 €)
  10. Polishing paste Polywatch to repair scratched lenses for less than €6.
  11. If you wear glasses, corrective lenses from VR Optician Oculus Quest 2 allows player without glasses.
  12. For VR fitness activities (or children), AMVR grip with strap for Quest 2 controller at €22.99.
  13. Tiny Morethe gunstock to improve its accuracy and immersion in shooting FPS.
  14. Google Chromecast at 39 € to broadcast the video of the Oculus Quest 2 in large format on your TV or a video projector.
  15. A thick round carpet in 80 cm diameterto have a real tactile lair under your feet and avoid breaking everything.
  • Other Quest accessories expected for 2022

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