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Date of last modification: Apr 21, 2019

Muse 2 reviews Review price smart health connected meditation headband

InteraXon the Canadian company launched in 2014 the first version of Muse. The new Muse 2 version is a helmet that teaches you how to meditate effectively and the required techniques to improve your breathing capacity, control your heart rate, be calm and relaxed.

Design and functionality

The Muse 2 is a considerably refined version which is more elegant, lighter and therefore more comfortable to wear.

Muse 2 review test price meditation headband connected design

However, this new Muse 2 version is not only based on a makeover, but the addition of new sensors for more precise measurements:

  • Five EEG sensors (electroencephalography) who read thebrain activity,
  • A accelerometer
  • A gyroscope to follow the movements,
  • and one PPG optical sensor which monitoring the heart rate and forehead blood flow.

Muse 2 reviews test price connected meditation headband sensors

All these sensors are combined to analyze and evaluate the frequency and your respiratory rate.

To use the Muse 2, you put the headphones on your head, you launch the application on your smartphone with headphones plugged in and placed in your ears. You are ready to start your meditation sessions.

  • Bluetooth connection 5
  • Wireless use with charging via Micro USB port
  • Muse app available for iOS smartphone (iTunes) or Android (Google Play)

Muse app features

  • Learning exercises for the fundamentals of meditation
  • Generation of suitable soundscapes: beach, rainforest, desert, etc.
  • Stimulation by milestones and prices
  • Graphical results of your sessions to measure your progress
  • Account management for using the Muse 2 with others

Muse 2 reviews test price Meditation headband connected Muse app

A voice coach for your mediation sessions

The content relating to each type of meditation – body movement, breathing, heart and brain activity – must be downloaded before your first session. Then you will have to calibrate to determine your starting “condition”.

Muse guides you through the lessons with clear, easy-to-follow explanations. The language used is very close to that of a meditation coaching session that I practiced during my youth in preparation for competition.

However, the instructions can sometimes be a bit long, they are perfect for beginners, they will really help you understand the purpose of each session with advice on the technique to use. Then, if you want, you can skip this step.

Muse 2 reviews test price connected meditation headband exercises

There is a lot of attention to detail and I loved the fact that the coaches and the session summary are not judgmental. If you haven't achieved a high percentage of calm, no problem. Still, the app congratulates you for trying to meditate when your mind is busiest.

If you've ever tried meditation, but didn't understand why you weren't successful, Muse is a fantastic tool for remedying it. By breaking down the aspects of meditation into breathing, body, heart rate and mind, it really helps you to see how everything is interconnected.

The way you move from one lesson to another is also well orchestrated. So that you learn different techniques at the right time, overlaying your mindfulness skills as you progress.

Muse 2 reviews test price meditation headband connected music

The other features of Muse 2

Aside from meditation, other functions include a logging tool with prompts to update your journal after each session so that you can keep notes that relate to how you felt during your meditation: what worked , which was difficult and all the thoughts that were repeated.

You can set reminders, and Muse also challenges you to do such as doing four meditations in a week or reaching a percentage of the time spent in a calm state during each session. All of this has been cleverly designed to motivate you in your progression to become a great Zen master.

The headset can be shared among several users, although each person needs their own application.

Battery life is good with up to five hours of continuous use and the device charges with a standard micro-USB cable.

Price, availability and competition

The Muse 2 price may upset you a little, sold at 299 € (delivered to you), these improvements compared to the first version 219 € are therefore paid the full price.

Muse 2 review

A very original concept with a comfortable product to wear and a very educational application.

In addition, InteraXon has published around 100 research articles that use the Muse as a tool, including a study from the University of Milan which found that four weeks of using Muse led to improved cognitive performance.
The Muse 2 also benefits from very good reviews and feedback from its users.Let’s be Zen, especially given the price which makes it an accessory that will have to be better used to make it profitable and not add to the shelf of your smart health connected gadgets.


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