Movano Ring an elegant smart health connected health ring for women , smart health device review

Movano Ring an elegant smart health connected ring for women for monitoring health data day and night and discreetly.

Movano Ring an elegant smart health connected health ring for women

A new smart health connected ring should see the light of day in 2022, Movano having announced the launch of a brand new device.

The Movano Ring is intended for women and is equipped with health sensors. It is thus positioned in front of the recent Oura Ring 3 or smart health connected bracelets such as Fitbit Charge 5.

The smart ring market has sparked consumer interest, but there have been a few high-profile duds that have left the segment a bit cold.

Motiv was one of the early flagships of smart rings, but they sold primarily to companies and sports clubs. We also saw Amazon try this exercise before putting its project on the back burner.

In the end, the current consumer market is dominated by the Oura company.

Movano a different approach to the smart health connected ring

First, it is aimed specifically at a female clientele. It offers a less basic sleeper and an original design. Admittedly, the Oura Ring 3 isn’t badly designed. But, it is more massive and basic. And above all, more cumbersome to wear on thin and feminine fingers.

However, one would have to see the Movano ring worn on the finger to get a clearer idea of ​​what the company has achieved in terms of design. Personally, We like this very graphic touch brought to the break in the ring which gives it a well-defined style.

Design of the Movano smart health connected ring

A smart health connected ring for health monitoring

The Movano ring promises to monitoring chronic diseases with its various sensorsWe measure:

  • The cardiac frequency,
  • Heart Rate Variability (HRV),
  • Quality of sleep,
  • The respiratory rate,
  • The temperature,
  • And the blood oxygen levels.

The company explains that her ring goes “take a more proactive approach to mitigating chronic disease risk“. For example, the Movano Ring app should indicate the impact of your physical activity habits on your sleep or heart rate variability (HRV).

The objective is to present data with graphs that are easy to read and understand instead of listing a list of statistics.

movano ring health monitoring

Graphics for health monitoring with the Movano App

A ring for women, but not just for her look

Aside from its slimmer design, only a few individual (wearable) smart health connected device companies have taken a female-centric approach.

Some have attempted to address this problem, as there is still a significant gap in the value and analysis of health data obtained by the two genders. Fun fact, it wasn’t until 1993 that the US Congress required that women and minorities be included in clinical trials.

The objective of the Movano is therefore to measure and analyze the data obtained by the sensors of its ring, taking into account that they apply to women of all ages.

A regulated medical device

It will therefore be in direct competition with the Oura Ring, although some elements may require FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approval in the United States.

But the company said it was looking to make its data more actionable, and early screenshots showed it slicing up its sleep data to show the relationship between sleep and exercise.

Movano has also expressed interest in the non-invasive blood glucose monitoringraising funds last July.

In fact, Dr. John Mastrototaro, CEO of Movano, said he was seeking FDA certification as a class II medical devicebut that it would be done in stages.

Release date and price of the Movano ring

The device will be unveiled at CES 2022, but it won’t hit the market until second half of 2022.

For the moment no information on its price, but Dr. John Mastrototaro has promised that it will be the smart health connected ring “one of the most affordable” on the market. Knowing that the Oura is more than 300 €, we can expect a price around 249 €. Unless the brand is even more aggressive on the sale price, but with a monthly subscription for data access.

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