Top 7 the most effective massage guns for your health in 2020

What is the most effective massage guns in 2020?Of course, there is a whole range of muscle massage guns available on the market. Each model does not have the same characteristics or the same prices. Since there are all kinds and all brands, it’s normal to get lost in your choice.

The massaging gun uses percussion therapy, its massaging head, almost vibrating, will strike your muscles several hundred times per minute to relieve your pain, reduce your muscle tension and speed up your recovery.

But not all massage guns are created equal, and to be sure to choose a quality device, I will let you immediately discover my selection of the best massage guns!

Top 7 the most effective massage guns

Theragun Pro, the massage gun for athletes

Both more powerful and more ergonomic than its predecessors, the Theragun PRO contains all the innovations of the brand’s 4th generation massage guns. Adjustable speed, tilting arm, intelligent functions and increased autonomy: everything comes together for optimal efficiency. At the same time, the quiet motor ensures good user comfort. This device intended for professionals can be used for 5 hours at a time. It comes with 6 therapy tips, including the new Supersoft.

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TimTam massage gun – THE MOST CUSTOMIZABLE

Another great massage gun under $ 300 comes from the sports brand TimTam. It offers a slight upgrade over other budget massage guns on this list. The massage head can be adjusted at a 90-degree angle, which helps massage harder-to-reach areas of the body.

This powerful massage gun also comes with its own carrying case, lithium-ion battery charger and replaceable battery. Because you can replace the battery (purchase additional batteries directly from TimTam), it is a great alternative to Theragun for traveling athletes and athletic therapists. The ergonomic design makes it an easy to use massager that instantly relieves sore muscles.

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VYBE percussion massage gun

The massage gun comes with five different speeds and a percussion vibration that gives you 3,200 shots per minute. It features a super quiet 24V brushless DC motor so it won’t distract you or other people in your home. It has a long battery life that lasts for four consecutive hours, in addition, the gun comes with four massage heads that target different muscle areas.

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Theragun Elite, silent model

It is the quietest model in the 4th generation range, thanks to the QuietForce Technology engine. Available in black and white, it also stands out for its elegant design. With an adjustable speed at will, 5 therapy tips and an amplitude of 16 mm, the Theragun Elite is the ideal massage gun for all athletes who want to use a quality device to take care of their muscles. daily.

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Rooftree R20, metal attachements Massage Gun for THERAPIST OR PERSONALLY

R20 Massage Gun can reach the deep muscle tissue through high-frequency vibration stimulation to help you enhance exercise performance and improve poor posture, making your move easier and your body healthier. Traditional wired medical treatment offers 3400RPM Max speed & 50lb max stall force.Read also R20 Massage Gun review

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Phoenix A2: a massage device dedicated to athletes

She is a very relaxing model that is popular with everyone, especially athletes. Phoenix A2 effectively limits pain and stiffness in muscles while increasing blood pressure. This device incorporates 3 massage speeds with an alternating frequency from 0 to 3000 revolutions per minute. In addition, it offers protection against overheating and has a runtime of 3 hours thanks to its rechargeable 1600 mAh lithium-ion battery. Equipped with 4 attachment heads, this portable device weighs 1.5 kg and its small size makes it an ideal ally for travel.

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The Abox massage gun, the best value for money!

We finally end with the Abox massage gun, which is a cheap massage gun. Why such a choice ? Simply because for less than $100 , there is everything you need for use to simply relieve the muscles. And for sporty gentlemen but nothing more like us, it does the trick!

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Choosing the Best Massage Gun: What Criteria to Look For?

Utilisation facility

You should opt for a gun that offers a simple and pleasant grip that you can use on your own. As the goal is to relax you, it would be inappropriate to purchase a device that is too complex. Portable models are the ones that best meet this criterion. They are ergonomic, light but strong, quite silent, with overheating protection. Very compact, you can take them and use them everywhere.

The massage power and speed

This criterion determines the effectiveness of the device. The higher the motor power and the higher the impact frequency, the more efficient the device. You will notice that the best guns offer at least 2 speed settings to best adjust the power and effectiveness of the massage. This will give you a smoother speed at low frequency for the superficial muscles, and a second higher speed targeting deeper tissues and more painful muscles.

The autonomy of the device

Choose a model equipped with a rechargeable battery offering optimal autonomy (1 to 3 hours), for long-term use. So your pistol won’t let go when you need it most.

Value for money

The price-performance ratio is not to be neglected. You will notice that high-end brands with full specifications like the Theragun or Hypervolt Plus will be more expensive ($240 to 624 ). But there are also mid-range alternatives at plus or minus $100 with decent performance.






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