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With time spent on transport, breaks at work, or stranded during confinement, online language learning is developing more and more. Many applications have emerged in recent years to allow you to develop linguistically in a new language.Read this Mondly test to find out how you can learn a language funny. 

Less known than Duolingo, Mondly is nevertheless one of the nuggets in the field.

A few words about Mondly

Digital education applications are on the rise on the Internet. With today’s world requiring us to be fluent at least in English, these foreign language learning apps are becoming almost mandatory allies to get up to speed.

Mondly company

Mondly is an EdTech (Educational Technology) company that has developed a language learning platform based on the concept of freemium.

It was created in 2014 in Romania. Its creators are Alexandru Iliescu and Tudor Iliescu.

Mondly’s projects

It is developing rapidly on the different platforms. In 2017, Mondly took to augmented reality to offer virtual lessons with voice recognition. The app is the only language EdTech app available on the Oculus Store.

Finally, Mondly has also developed a kids version of its application for language learning for children between five and twelve years old.

Global and popular recognition

Mondly has received many accolades and enjoys great popularity. The app has more than fifty million users around the world. It was named “Best New App” by the App Store in 2016, and “App of the Year” by Facebook FBStart in 2017.

The app is “Editor’s Choice of Google Play” to this day. Currently, its rating is 4.6 / 5 on the Play Store, a very respectable score, which places it at the same level as Babbel (4.6) and just below the leader Duolingo (4.7).


Mondly: how does it work?

Mondly presents most of the features found in other language learning applications with an emphasis on its own originalities.


Mondly is based on the concept very common in applications, freemium: the application remains basic free and allows you to learn the basics of a language without paying.

But if we want to have access to its full potential, we have to switch to Premium versions which are, of course, paid.

Be rewarded!

Mondly also functions like Duolingo and thus differs from Babbel by the use of daily rewards.

If you practice every day, achieve your goals, you are rewarded with encouragement, boxes checked, stars to be earned etc. What motivate you and encourage you to practice assiduously.

Learning method

Mondly is based on a fun and effective learning method that draws inspiration from neuroscience and combines it with technology for simplicity and rapid results.

Its particularity is the use of a diagram representing the different areas of your brain indicating which part of it you will use for each type of exercise:

  • Listening: The app lets you listen to native speakers for perfect pronunciations with real accent.
  • Practice: a chatbot with renowned good quality voice recognition allows you to practice by talking to it in virtual reality lessons.
  • Memorization: Like Duolingo, Mondly believes in the virtue of repetition for language learning. Review sessions are offered regularly to force you to memorize vocabulary, structures, grammar, conjugation etc.
  • Concentration: Mondly emphasizes whole sentence learning which makes it possible to focus on the overall sentence structure and to be able to create sentences on your own more easily. Mondly here approaches Babbel and differentiates itself with Duolingo which focuses more on vocabulary.

Varied lessons

Mondly offers three difficulty levels to tailor the lessons to your basic level.

Mondly offers different types of lessons, called “learning modules”. Each offers a specific theme (art, sport, eating, ordering, drinking, traveling, etc.) that you can select according to your needs.

Within the model are three exercises: a lesson, a conversation and a review. Each module therefore offers you a fairly varied and comprehensive learning experience.

The lesson: in the lesson, you learn new vocabulary, or a new conjugation. You have to find the translation of a new vocabulary word using pictures, then translate sentences, put the words back in order or choose the correct answer from a multiple choice question. Here, the resemblance to Babbel is striking in the method, but the approach is more playful.
Conversation: Here, Mondly uses what any language teacher would do in class: reuses the vocabulary learned in a real conversation. The chatbot is asking you questions and you must try to answer it. This is Mondly’s huge advantage over its competitors: you feel like you are having a real conversation with a native. In addition, you can register to listen to your pronunciation again and try to improve it.
Revision: the revision session allows you to check your vocabulary to leave your module by remembering your new acquisitions.

Virtual classes and augmented reality

Mondly also sets itself apart from other language learning applications by its development of virtual classrooms and the use of augmented reality.

A fun way to learn vocabulary, the application brings up the vocabulary words (a cat, a salad, a lion …) learned during your module … in your environment! For those with visual memory, this technique is unstoppable!

The chatbot can also take, thanks to the virtual reality option, the form of a human being, making your conversations more lively.

The offers offered by Mondly

Mondly offers a free version (freemium) which is, in all fairness, quite limited. You will only be allowed six lessons, one conversation and one basic vocabulary session, one lesson per day, weekly quizzes and monthly challenges.

The Premium offers explore the application’s potential: over 250 lessons tailored to your profile and to situations you may encounter in real life, and all available whenever you want. Over 33 conversations, 36 vocabulary sessions, a choice from 1300 daily lessons in addition to weekly quizzes and monthly challenges.

The Premium offer also allows voice recognition using augmented reality for your pronunciation. Finally, the application gives you access to conjugation tables and grammar lessons.

Several offers are available:

  • One language per month: you will have access to the Premium offer for $9.99 per month for a single language.
  • One language, for one year: for a single language, Mondly offers you an annual subscription of $47.99.
  • Lifetime Access: The offer offers all Premium Lifetime benefits for the 33 languages ​​offered by Mondly for $89.99.

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Register on Mondly

Registration is done directly on the application via the various platforms (smartphones, mac or web) by creating an account or through Facebook.

How does Mondly stand out from other apps?

Choice of languages

Here Mondly sets itself apart from its competitors. If Duolingo only offers five languages ​​for French speakers and Babbel ten, Mondly directly offers 32 languages ​​to learn directly from French.

This is an advantage over Duolingo where, if you want to learn, for example, Russian, you have to go through the English interface.

Mondly Kids

The creation of a children’s version is also a plus. Duolingo is sometimes too childish for adults, and Babbel is not at all playful enough for children. By choosing to do two applications, Mondly solves the problem.

Too repetitive a method?

However, as with a lot of feedback from language learning apps, users criticize it for being too repetitive. To really learn the language, it is necessary to couple the use of Mondly with another, more complete method.

If the application is a must for vocabulary, it remains limited for the construction of whole sentences and for understanding the grammar of the language.

9Expert Score
An application worth discovering

If you are already using an app like Duolingo or Babbel, you may not need to change your habits. If you are going to start learning a language, however, testing the potential of Mondly can turn out to be a good experience!

APP Design
  • Avaried and comprehensive choice of language
  • An ergonomic, fun and efficient interface
  • Complete lessons adapted to your level.
  • The higher price than other applications
  • Fairly repetitive modules.

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